Immigration Law Firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Explains Updates On USCIS Form I-130

Award-winning Austin immigration law firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law recently shared infographics explaining the changes affecting Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. The updates will be implemented in June 2023 and are the next major step toward transparency and accountability.

With these changes, the processing times for Form I-130 petitions will be publicly available. The time it takes to process will also depend on various circumstances.

For instance, a U.S. citizen filing for a child under 21 will take 50 months to process. A permanent resident who is petitioning for the same will take 60 months. While a citizen filing for a married son or daughter over 21 must wait 43 months, and those filing for a brother or sister will wait 42. Lastly, a U.S. citizen petitioning for an unmarried son or daughter over 21 will have to wait 69 months.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law emphasizes that processing times may become longer with the number of petitions. Petitioners can help by ensuring that they meet the eligibility requirements upon filing. Submitting all the required documents and pieces of evidence may eliminate the need for the USCIS to issue an RFE or NOID. This, in turn, will help prevent delays.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is an award-winning immigration firm in Texas. They are committed to assisting individuals in obtaining legal status in the United States. The firm’s immigration lawyers have extensive experience in immigration and similar cases. These include permanent residency, citizenship, asylum petitions, and deportation appeals.

The firm helps individuals seeking new opportunities and a better life in the United States. They believe that people deserve the right to stay in the country and be protected by law. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law works tirelessly to ensure that a petitioner’s parents, siblings, or children can lawfully remain in the United States.

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