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Venture introduces revolutionary crypto due diligence and analytics!

Hoptrail & Hotovo partner to increase the engineering know-how with development of ground breaking crypto due diligence and analytics tools!

London, United Kingdom Apr 27, 2023 ( – Hotovo, a leader in augmenting teams with exemplar agile and scrum software development teams, and Hoptrail, a UK market-leading start-up and provider of crypto diligence tools who are shaking up the financial analytics industry, have partnered to accelerate their software development and to enhance their methods & capabilities. Using their experience in scrum/agile and lean development methodology Hotovo’s global teams can help Hoptrail quickly and efficiently create the digital product that will revolutionize crypto analyics!

Hotovo is a team extension software firm with headquarters in Kosice, Slovakia and whom specialize in providing the highest quality developers at times when existing resources are at full capacity. They are experts in helping companies create software that is efficient, reliable, and user-friendly, with extensive experience across multiple domains. Hotovo also have extensive knowledge within the crypto space having been some of the intellect behind crypto studio Block Unison and trailblazing teams at Mangata X, therefore they are uniquely capable of helping Hoptrail create the digital product that will revolutionize this industry.

Hoptrail who also recently announced partnerships into Asia markets alongside stalwarts Raion Labs , offer a clear and concise platform providing certainties at a time when crypto due diligence requirements are at an all time high, with digestible insights into cryptocurrency risk management their clients include some of the biggest global hedge funds, private banks and pension funds, who use their service to decipher risk insights on the blockchain.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hoptrail,” said Hotovo Sales Director, Mark Reid. “This is a great opportunity for us to use our expertise to help a start-up create a revolutionary product. We are confident that Hotovo’s experience in agile and lean development alongside our breadth of teams based across multiple continents will be incredibly beneficial to Hoptrail as their product team grows.”

Hoptrail CEO, Henry Burrows, states, “Hotovo have been fantastic, offering unique skills and insight into area’s of crypto technology where we had a zero sum knowledge! Together I am confident we have a partnership that benefits positive growth for both business”

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