Bitcoin Wallet Backup Seed Recovery Kit: ShiftCrypto SteelWallet Announced

The new SteelWallet recovery kit, launched by ShiftCrypto on The Crypto Merchant website, includes everything required to permanently record and store a 24-word crypto recovery seed phrase in a stainless steel wallet.

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ShiftCrypto has manufactured its new recovery kit using stainless steel plates that are highly resistant to damage from the elements, as well as kinetic and mechanical force. The kit also uses no internet-connected devices, smart technology, or electronics so that every recovery seed phrase is fully protected from cyber attacks.

The steel plates have been independently tested and found to be highly resistant to heat, crushing force, and corrosion, with all the recorded data still clearly legible after each test. Being made of stainless steel, the plates are also fully waterproof and resistant to age-related degradation, while still being small enough to hide in a secure location, or carry in a pocket.

SteelWallet kits are compatible with all cryptocurrency wallets that use the BIP39 standard and can store up to one 24-word recovery seed phrase, or two 12-word phrases. The kit includes two plates with space for 12 words each, a metal punch tool, an instruction booklet, and a carrying case.

While the devices are fully unhackable because of their low-technology approach, seed phrases can still be stolen if a seed vault is left accessible, and ShiftCrypto suggests the kits should always be hidden securely after being filled out. For additional security, the company suggests that completed recovery kits can be placed in tamper-evident bags, which show obvious signs if they have been opened.

To use the device, traders can mark the first four letters of each word of their recovery seed onto the steel plates, using the included metal punch tool. By punching holes through the steel plates, the marks remain easy to read even if the SteelWallet has been damaged.

An excerpt from The Crypto Merchant website explains, “Only you should be able to gain access to your cryptocurrency wallets. This is why safety layers are so necessary. Along with the pin code, and private keys, you also need an external form of protection. After all, one or two types of digital protection just aren’t enough to keep hackers and thieves away.”

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