South Miami Solar Power Installation & Backup Battery Subscription Updated

Using a flexible subscription service launched by Solar Construction in South Miami, homeowners can access customized residential solar power installations that are maintained and optimized by the company.

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The new subscription program can be accessed anywhere in South Miami, with a simplified pricing guide that reduces the variability of solar panel payments and maintenance spending. Homeowners can use the service to have solar systems of nearly any size installed, and the company will regularly add, remove, or modify the installation as necessary to optimize its efficiency.

While Solar Construction does sell solar systems outright, including panels, batteries, and installation services, the new subscription service provides a more accessible platform for many homeowners. Though the homeowner will not own the solar panels, they will also not be required to pay maintenance, worry about downtime, or replace panels that become obsolete.

The service includes all parts and labor fees for maintenance, replacement of obsolete panels, and complimentary service during any month if the system breaks or becomes temporarily unusable. If a client sells their home or moves, they will have a choice to either cancel their subscription or have it transferred to their new home.

For clients who increase or decrease their average power use, Solar Construction will send a team to either remove excess panels, or install additional panels, to maximize the efficiency, cost, and energy production of their system. A complete list of features included in the subscription service is available on the Solar Construction website, in either English or Spanish brochures.

The company currently has the only home solar subscription service in the area, and offers it as a short-term, no-risk option for clients who are not ready to purchase their panels outright, but still want the benefits of renewable energy.

A spokesperson for Solar Construction explained, “It’s the easiest way to get your solar panel system for your home without having to take out a loan for 25 or 30 years. We install the system at no cost and you save money from the first day…it’s that simple.”

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