Premium Hypoallergenic Adhesive Nipple Concealers For Any Dress Style Announced

The newly announced nipple concealers address an issue many women contend with but few talk about. CleanSeams by Her Discretion offers premium, BPA-free nipple covers made with a strong adhesive women can choose when wearing backless, strapless, asymmetrical, or translucent gowns or dresses to alleviate the need for bras, thus preventing unsightly straps and clasps from peeking through their garments.

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The issue of visible bra straps, or fully visible breasts can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for women. It’s an issue men don’t content with but for women it can substantially restrict their preferred dress choices. Newly announced premium nipple concealers from CleanSeams by Her Discretion resolve these concerns with a comfortable, high-quality, innovative solution that gives women the freedom to wear any dress style for any occasion.

“Our CleanSeams nipple covers perform just as the name suggests,” says a company spokesperson. “They are discreet, offer the coverage women need, and because of the way they’re designed, allow dresses made of lighter or gauzier materials lay smoothly and correctly against the body.”

A durable and high-quality product, CleanSeams are phthalate-free and BPA-free. This offers consumers with skin sensitives a hypoallergenic alternative that can be used again and again.

CleanSeams’ medical-grade, peel and stick adhesive is sweat-resistant and waterproof which ensures the covers won’t slip or dislodge over the course of wear. With proper care, each pair of CleanSeams can last for months.

The covers are also reusable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for women who care about the environment and don’t support wasteful, single-use products.

CleanSeams nipple covers are sold in two pairs packaged in a stylishly designed travel box with two drawers tucked inside. The box can be safely transported in purses and luggage and can also enhance the look of a bathroom vanity or bedroom hutch.

A recent customer says, “I’d always been skeptical about nipple covers because I don’t want them to be visible under my clothing. CleanSeams are completely seamless, very comfortable, and reusable, which is amazing. And, because they’re nude in color, work perfectly for me as a Black woman. And bonus, they come in a pretty box for storing and travel.”

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