Introducing MyShib, Shibarium DAO’s first version of a decentralized social media app

San Francisco, California Apr 4, 2023 ( – Shibarium DAO is gaining more recognition in the market for being the first cross-chain Decentralized Organization with proprietary DeFi Tools. And now, the platform is launching its first version of a decentralized social media app, called MyShib. Powered by blockchain technology, this application is an integral part of the Shibarium DAO ecosystem. This application is specially designed to offer each user a more captivating decentralized social media experience along with more options for security and privacy. Completely safe, sound, and enjoyable; the platform will be offering access to exclusive groups and content with a personalized ecosystem.

MyShib is going to be a safe space for all kinds of blockchain investors where they can create and share blockchain content and insights about new tokens and coins. As it is built with decentralized technologies, IPFS storage, and blockchain are its main elements. While IPFS storage helps to store media in a censorship-resistant way, blockchain helps to mint posts on-chain. As a result, users can feel free about the content they share and interact with. This platform will not only improve the current blockchain scenario but will also empower people with the right knowledge and guidance.

MyShib is the first part of the Shibarium DAO ecosystem which is fetched far with more applications and tools that can empower the users. There is LockShib, a token locker tool that is designed for Web3 founders. It will help them manage their tokens and other blockchain assets more effectively. It offers a more safe and more secure ground for every user as they can block team, marketing, and liquidity tokens. It means that it can not be sold or traded on the open market. Surely, this application is built to offer more ease and convenience in the blockchain market.

On the other hand, there is RocketShib which is a staking platform for users where they can stake their $SHIBDAO tokens. In return, they can receive $SHIB and $BONE as rewards. These are two different digital assets that help to operate the ShibariumDAO ecosystem. Each application offered in the ecosystem is interlinked with the activities that offer more tokens. As a result, the users who are staking on RocketShib will be receiving $SHIBGOV tokens that can be used to vote on proposals and changes to the ShibariumDAO ecosystem. Those who are wondering about $SHIBGOV tokens; it is a part of GovShib that govern the ShibariumDAO ecosystem. It helps the $SHIBGOV token holders to participate in the decision-making processes. They can also create new proposals and vote on existing ones which allows them to offer a direct say in the direction and development of the platform.

There is also SwapShib, a dedicated swap platform designed for users who want to purchase $SHIBDAO tokens in a quick and straightforward manner. Integrating with Uniswap, it offers decentralized exchange in order to provide a safe and reliable way to purchase $SHIBDAO tokens. The ecosystem also consists of a blockchain bridge named PortShib which provides interoperability between Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Shibarium, allowing users to transfer tokens and assets between different blockchain networks. As a result, the users can have a common link between all kinds of exchanges and transactions. It is designed to be faster, more efficient, and more secure, in order to help users have seamless transactions. The users are able to move their assets between different networks without compromising their security or privacy.

It is evident that being a part of the Shibarium DAO Ecosystem comes with a lot of benefits and MyShib is the first step to joining this successful journey. Registering this application will allow connecting with the whole ecosystem along with proper guidance. The Shibarium DAO community is growing rapidly around the world and the MyShib is being the common platform for all those blockchain activities. Whether a beginner in the blockchain industry or a seasoned investor; everyone can take part in this fruitful journey of blockchain and digital assets. The community is always active and ready to serve solutions on any blockchain-related topic. The users can also find more information and experts from the field on Shibarium’s Twitter handle.

Following a successful roadmap ahead, Shibarium DAO is currently in its third phase where the organization has completed launching its Staking Platform and Token Locker. Offering a more personalized experience with the integration of Website 3.0, the collection of liquidity on Shibarium is also done. The launch of the DAO Platform is highly anticipated right now and the users are eagerly waiting for it. The platform is inviting all blockchain investors around the world to participate as the early comers will be receiving more benefits by the time the platform completes phase 4 of the roadmap. Therefore, global blockchain users and investors should consider this golden opportunity.

ShibariumDAO’s cross-chain functionality is setting an example in the market that allows operating different blockchain networks. It ensures that every user can have access to DeFi tools on their preferred blockchain network. With over $400K+ Liquidity and 13.5K+ successful Transactions, the platform has empowered over 3.7K+ token holders around the world. Its growing network of DeFi tools proves to be quite promising in the current market as well as in the coming days. These DeFi tools or apps are very easy to integrate and anyone can be a part of them. Keeping 100% transparency with the token holders, the platform has allotted 15% of the total supply in the Rewards Pool and 1% kept for Airdrop. A quick analysis of all the elements shows that the Shibarium DAO network is quite effective and it is growing rapidly with the increasing number of users on the platform.

Blockchain users who are looking forward to participating in this journey can easily get access to the DeFi tools and earn tokens but first, users need to register through MyShib. This is not only necessary but very important to have a complete idea of the whole ecosystem. Visit and find out more.


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