Ford Certified Hidrive’s Ranger Ute Service Body Canopy In Sydney NSW Australia

As an Australian brand, manufacturer, and installer of service bodies for utes, Hidrive is proud to be certified as a Ford QVM partner. This certification was achieved through a rigorous qualification process and review of all aspects of Hidrive’s products and processes to ensure the highest quality standards required of a Ford QVM program partner. It validates Hidrive’s commitment to quality, fit-for-purpose service bodies, delivered on time through the company-owned manufacturing and national installation network. Further detail of the Ford QVM certification is available to view here:

Hidrive is recognised as a QVM by Ford Motor Company, where the QVM program by Ford Australia partners with select service body manufacturers with the expertise and experience to install and maintain Ford Ranger ute service body canopies to their exacting standards. To gain acceptance into the QVM program, service body manufacturers and installers must be successfully evaluated by Ford Motor Company annually, with the audit covering criteria such as engineering, the manufacturing process, quality control and adherence to Ford QVM guidelines.

“Our Ford Australia Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) Certification is recognition of Hidrive’s world-class ute canopies and related fit-out processes,” says Stan Eagle, CEO of Hidrive. “This accreditation validates Hidrive’s commitment to quality, fit-for-purpose service bodies, delivered on time through our company-owned manufacturing and national installation network.”

Hidrive has been Australian owned and operated since 1993. Hidrive, prides itself on providing fit-for-purpose ute canopy service bodies delivered on time nationally while providing excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship.

Hidrive has recently completed another Ford Ranger fleet utility vehicle ute service body canopy for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), including Hidrive FleetBrand decals. The video of the NPWS fleet utility vehicle ute service body canopy is available at:

Hidrive is the only Australian manufacturer of service bodies for utes, trailers, and trucks with a company owned national installation network. This enables Hidrive to offer ISO9001 quality, compliance, fleet consistency and an on-time guarantee nationally.

Hidrive is vertically integrated, also manufacturing shelves, benches, drawers, tow bars and 21 other groups of service body accessories in a total offering of 120+ accessory groups.

Hidrive’s light and durable aluminium ute service body canopies maximise payload and have been continually improved since the 1990s. Engineered more like an aircraft fuselage than a traditional heavy steel box, Hidrive ute canopy service bodies are Australia’s most popular as they’ve been bulletproof in the field for decades.

Hidrive provides Australian companies with ute, trailer, and truck service body canopies. Hidrive operates from Australian locations in Brisbane QLD, Northgate QLD, Melbourne VIC, Keilor Park VIC, Sydney NSW, Ingleburn NSW, Goulburn NSW, Canberra ACT, Perth WA, Canning Vale WA, Adelaide SA, Regency Park SA, and their respective surrounding areas.


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