Bellevue Pellet Hormone Therapy, HRT For Clarity & Cognitive Function Launched

While aging is still an inescapable fact of life, a clinic in Bellevue, Washington is pioneering a promising new form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that could relieve many of the worst symptoms of aging with as little as one treatment every few months.

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Unlike other types of HRT, which can require patients to regularly administer creams or injections, the recently introduced pellet hormone therapy at Interventional Orthopedics of Washington can optimize a patient’s hormones for months without the need for constant maintenance. This allows patients to enjoy the energy and clarity afforded by properly balanced hormones without the constant struggle of maintaining an HRT regime.

The clinic explains that few realize that many of the most pernicious symptoms of aging, such as low energy, libido, and brain fog, are caused by hormone imbalances that slowly accumulate over time. The decline of the endocrine system can also lead to more serious health concerns, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression.

Bioidentical hormones combat these symptoms by replacing the declining natural hormones to restore a healthy hormonal balance in the patient. Once a patient’s hormones have been optimized, they can expect a return to more youthful levels of energy and clarity of cognitive function, the clinic explains.

Interventional Orthopedics of Washington offers a cutting-edge hormone replacement method utilizing bioidentical hormone pellets for both men and women. A major benefit of this therapy is its adaptability, allowing hormone doctors to tailor each pellet based on age, weight, lifestyle, blood levels, and a variety of other parameters to ensure that each patient’s hormones are perfectly optimized.

Bioidentical hormone pellets are placed in the fatty tissue around the waist, where they slowly dissolve and release testosterone or estrogen, keeping the patient’s hormones balanced around the clock for months to come. Unlike other treatments, which risk fluctuating hormone levels whenever a dose is missed or taken off-schedule, pellet hormone therapy assures a healthy balance day after day.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “We address the root cause of your symptoms and get rid of them for good with a tailored hormone-balancing treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle, and optimize your health.”

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