Liong Mah Updates KUF Knives with New Mokuti Knife Clip Accessory

Liong Mah Design, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of premium EDC knives, is excited to announce updates to their KUF EDC knives with the recent release of a mokuti clip accessory line. Explore their extensive collection of products at

The KUF knives have become a top choice among EDC aficionados for their cutting-edge design and superior materials. The latest options for the KUF series further improve the style and versatility of these outstanding knives. View the new EDC Mokuti knife clip collection at

Collectors will now be able to customize their KUF EDC’s with the new mokuti clip accessory. The clips are tailored to their collection of knives. The mokuti clip accessory complements the knives in both aesthetics and utility, providing users with an upgraded carrying experience.

Mokuti is a high-end material that combines two or more titanium alloys, creating a unique and stunning pattern after being heat treated and pressurized. LMD Mokuti Clips are available for the most popular knife styles in the LMD collection, making options to upgrade easy.

LMD is committed to delivering top-tier products for EDC enthusiasts. By concentrating on innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, Liong Mah Design consistently pushes the boundaries in the EDC knife and accessory industry. Don’t miss the chance to experience these remarkable products and elevate everyday carry essentials.

With over 18 years of experience in the knife industry, Liong Mah Design is a leading force in innovative knife design. Their goal is to capture the voice of the customer and imbue its EDC knives with soul, resulting in beautifully crafted knives that are both stylish and functional. Liong Mah’s passion for blending artistry and functionality has earned him recognition from enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The release of their new Mokuti Clips is a testament to Liong Mah Design’s commitment to excellence and creativity.

With a focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, LMD is poised to continue making waves in the EDC knife and accessory market for years to come. Discover more about the EDC knife accessories offered at

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