Sustainable Urban Air Pollution Remediation: Purification Technology Announced

The new technology has been developed to help building owners in both the private and public sectors – including commercial offices, government buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and others – remove or reduce outdoor air pollution using the power of light and PURETi-treated surfaces.

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Pure Clear Coatings’ latest move extends the benefits of PURETi products to UK facility owners. PURETi is a water-based interior and exterior surface treatment technology that utilizes light-produced chemical reactions.

The UK government’s National Air Quality Objective Targets were formulated as part of the Environment Act of 2021. This legislation allows the government to set long-term targets for improving air and water quality, biodiversity, resource efficiency, and waste reduction.

In the area of air quality, the Act specifically sets targets for a reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions 55% by 2020 and 73% by 2030, they are behind with the target in many places. The Act also targets for fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), an air pollutant that may have adverse health effects at high levels. When PM 2.5 levels are elevated, the air can appear hazy and individuals with pre-existing breathing issues, such as asthma, may have recurrences of these issues.

PURETi can help reduce the level of urban air pollutants like PM 2.5 with the power of photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2). When PURETi is applied to a sunlight-exposed surface, the light exposure sparks a process that converts nearby water vapor and oxygen into two powerful cleaning agents, the hydroxyl radical and the super oxide anion. These two agents convert toxic pollutants into harmless minerals and gases and then convert back into water.

About Pure Clear Coatings

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in London, Pure Clear Coatings Ltd is a Certified Applicator and Distributor of the award-winning PURETi products. These treatments were selected as the winner of iSCAPE, the European Union’s most ambitious sustainability project. iSCAPE aims to decontaminate European cities by monitoring air quality and carbon emissions with cutting-edge photocatalytic technology.

‘We endeavor to be transparent, collaborative, and scientifically rigorous in our approach,’ a company representative said in explaining these products’ safety credentials. ‘Pure Clear Coatings are committed to producing a safe product that is beneficial to human health and the environment by destroying airborne pollutants. We take concerns about product safety seriously and will continue to keep our customers informed of the latest developments.’

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