Plano Emergency Dental Care & Crowns: Immediate 24/7 Appointment Service Expands

As part of the recent update, the practice offers immediate appointments for any dental emergency, including chipped and broken teeth, oral trauma, uncontrolled bleeding, or infections. Those in need of urgent attention can attend the center at any time of day, or contact the office for expert advice.

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Millennium Smiles explains that some dental emergencies can be life-threatening; as such, the expansion of its services is intended to provide timely care in the event that a patient’s regular dentist is not available. In addition, the center aims to relieve pressure on hospital emergency departments in the wider Frisco region.

Among the occurrences that constitute a dental emergency are severe toothaches, a tooth that has been cracked or completely knocked out, dental abscesses, or severe soft tissue injury. The risk of a spreading infection, as well as uncontrolled bleeding, are highlighted as two serious causes for concern.

In addition to potential health risks, Millennium Smiles points out that pain and trauma can cause significant distress, with patients often insisting to be seen as quickly as possible. With its immediate appointments, the practice allows local residents to access state-of-the-art dental care whenever it is required.

“We have the technology to repair damage and replace missing or broken teeth in a timely manner,” a clinic representative explained. “If you are experiencing any type of severe pain or another dental emergency, do not hesitate to come into our office immediately. Alternatively, our staff can answer any questions you may have about your dental situation.”

About Millennium Smiles

Now available offering dental care at its Main Road and Lebanon Road premises, Millennium Smiles covers a wide range of oral health issues, including temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and obstructive sleep apnea. Individuals also have access to some of the latest cosmetic techniques, including porcelain and zirconium implants.

“I called Millennium Smiles to schedule an appointment as I was in pain, and they were so kind and quick to get me in,” one patient recently stated. “I really appreciated how much they took the time to explain everything and actually show me my pictures and scans so I could see what they were explaining. I would absolutely recommend this clinic.”

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