National School Chaplain Association Launches School Safety Information Drive

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) recently announced its U.S. campaign to provide school chaplains, citing Texas as a national leader in school safety because of the courageous actions of its legislators to protect public school teachers and students. For example, Texas Senator Mayes Middleton filed bill SB763, and Texas Representative Cole Hefner filed the companion bill HB 3614, funding chaplains for public schools to lower school violence. In addition, Texas education leaders encourage other states and school districts to follow their lead by employing chaplains to help keep students safe.

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The launch of NSCA’s new campaign coincides with a report by the U.S. Department of Education on the prevalence of school violence, which includes shootings, fighting, bullying, and physical assault. According to the report, the majority of students have experienced at least one incident of violence while they were in school. In addition, most victims say it has negatively impacted their mental health and made them consider dropping out or moving to another school. The NSCA’s chaplains help these students by giving them a solid spiritual foundation and a safe space to express their pain and frustrations.

The NSCA explains that school violence often starts with students experiencing intense psychological or emotional pain. Then, without support at home, kids let these frustrations out through destructive behavior like disobedience, physical violence, disrespect for authority, and vices.

The association believes spiritual care has long been absent from the school system. As a result, students are often left alone to navigate complex emotions without support from trusted adults or authority figures.

“Children are lost, left to figure out complex issues alone. It’s why the suicide rate, mental illness, drug use, and other destructive behaviors are at an all-time high. Yet, when chaplains enter a school, they share peace, strength, love, and hope. They provide students with the spiritual care they need to overcome tragedies and hardships to fulfill their dreams and destiny,” NSCA says.

NSCA’s chaplains are trained to deal with issues affecting the youth and school safety issues like Personality Risk Assessment and Active Shooter. In addition, chaplains help students of all faiths to discover their purpose and destiny, empowering them to make quality life choices. Chaplains are also resource officers able to assist students with humanitarian needs.

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