Big Mistakes To Avoid In Logo Design: 2023 Branding Best Practice Guide Released

LO:LA’s new guide aims to help brands create logos that are attractive, original, and effective in communicating what they stand for. The guide focuses on five common mistakes that brands make when designing their logos and suggests ways of avoiding them in order to make a logo that stands out and endures through trends.

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The first thing LO:LA recommends brands do is fully understand their target audience. “Not correctly identifying the potential customer’s interests, wants, and needs can result in an ineffective logo,” said the author of the guide. “By researching competitors and demographics, there are plenty of ways to better understand your consumer base which will help create an engaging and memorable logo.”

When developing the logo, the author suggests considering its aesthetic qualities, particularly ensuring the typography and colors remain simple yet evocative of the brand’s personality. An example it gave is Coca-Cola’s cursive font and bold red color, which remain iconic to this day.

The guide also advises brands to consider the issues of copying. It explained that replicating another brand’s logo can not only result in legal issues and hefty fines, but the immorality of doing so can also seriously alienate a customer base.

Future-proofing is another concept the author tackled, explaining that logos also have to be designed with the brand’s long-term future in mind.

“Creating a great logo requires more than just artistic ability–it’s easy to make mistakes,” said the author. “However, by knowing the biggest mistakes to avoid when creating a logo for your business, you can craft a successful logo that stands out from the crowd and will last through ever-evolving trends.”

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LO:LA is a full-service agency dedicated to providing brands with creative marketing that is accessible, affordable, and resonant. They work with both B2C and B2B brands, including start-up and emerging businesses as well as mid-size and established ones.

The agency designs logos as part of its brand and identity services, helping brands develop visual elements such as fonts, graphics, color palettes, and packaging mockups.

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