UK Mulberry Silk Pillowcases For Temperature Regulation & Better Sleep Launched

Their new collection has been crafted from high-quality 100% mulberry silk. This plush, sustainable and eco-friendly fabric is used exclusively by Mayfairsilk because they believe it provides sleepers with the ultimate in both comfort and temperature regulation.

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Their new collection has been released as another cold wave descends upon London and the United Kingdom. During dark and cold winter nights, the brand recommends their new temperature-regulating silk pillows as a way to keep the body at an optimum state of warmth and comfort throughout the night.

Mayfairsilk’s mulberry silk pillowcases have been handcrafted using the finest grade 25 Momme silk. This refined weave ensures the softest finish for sleepers, and in addition to its temperature regulation benefits can help the skin of the face to maintain its hydration. This high-quality silk also promotes fuller and silkier hair and can work to prevent the deepening of fine lines.

Mayfairsilk recommends their new pillowcases for these combined benefits, and they are confident that their 25 Momme silk is some of the finest on the market.

Online shoppers can now choose pillowcases from their tasteful winter collection of designs and colours, with both lustrous and matte look finishes available. In plain colours, the retailer has new ivory, oyster grey, dusty rose, soft teal, midnight blue and charcoal options.

In prints, Mayfairsilk recommends their understated and elegant version of the classic Damask pattern as well as their wintery hummingbird print, which features soft-toned watercolour-styled imagery of hummingbirds and native flora.

Shoppers can choose to partner their temperature-regulating silk pillowcases with a full duvet and sheet set. Mayfairsilk also handcrafts and retails silk accessories like eye masks, face masks and scrunchies.

The brand ships across the United Kingdom from their London workshop and boutique.

A spokesperson for the esteemed London-based silk retailers said, “Snuggle into your own mulberry silk pillowcase, carefully handcrafted from the finest 25 Momme silk with our bespoke weave and finish. Our hypoallergenic silk maintains hydration and ensures temperature control. It is also anti-ageing, sustainable and biodegradable, and healthy for you and the planet.”

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