SecuX Nifty Crypto NFT Hardware Wallet With Color Touchscreen Launched

In 2011, inventors came up with the idea for the world’s first-ever hardware crypto wallet, though the device was not available to the public until 2014. Nine years later, hardware wallets for storing crypto are a growing industry. To address the high demand, The Crypto Merchant is announcing the launch of the world’s first NFT-focused hardware wallet, the SecuX Nifty.

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While hardware wallets have become commonplace for storing cryptocurrency, allowing users to access their assets from a portable, secure device, until recently, the same technology has not been available for NFTs. The recently added SecuX Nifty provides the same trusted security features as a typical crypto wallet, but also includes several upgrades that optimize the device for NFTs.

The most obvious difference in the new hardware wallet is the large, full-color screen. At 2.8 inches, it has a larger screen than any other premium wallet available today, and can only display NFTs that are properly owned by the wallet holder.

A common problem when using crypto wallets for NFTs is the lack of visible information when completing a transaction, which has often led users into signing contracts without knowing the full details. The SecuX Nifty uses “clear-view signing” for NFTs, as an additional security feature, which ensures that every smart contract is fully visible to the user before they complete the transaction.

Though the SecuX Nifty is designed for NFTs, it can also store a variety of popular crypto tokens on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chains. The device uses a military-grade embedded chip, the Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element, to protect private keys against potential risks.

The SecuX is compatible with WalletConnect and provides easy access to DeFi apps and NFT marketplaces. The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 to provide fast connection speeds and has smartphone apps available at no cost for both Android and iOS devices.

One satisfied user said, “Such a cool idea and great implementation. It makes it really easy to dive into the world of NFTs while keeping your stock secure and safe from security threads. So easy to use. Excellent wallet, don’t hesitate.”

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