Akron Cosmetic Dental Clinic: Teeth Whitening Procedures, At-Home Kits Launched

Following the announcement, the dental practice offers dental veneers and teeth whitening procedures for correcting tooth imperfections and eliminating stubborn stains in one appointment, allowing patients to leave with noticeably whiter and better-aligned teeth.

More details can be found at https://blueherondentistry.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening/

“These services are part our overall focus on the patient’s total well-being, drawing on the fact that a beautiful smile boosts one’s self-confidence, which is vital for mental and cardiac health,” a company spokesperson said.

Blue Heron Dentistry offers both in-office and take-home whitening solutions.

Its in-office teeth whitening treatment uses UV light-activated gel, which provides strong bleaching to make the patient’s teeth several shades whiter. Meanwhile, the practice’s take-home whitening kits are suitable for those whose schedules do not allow them to visit the dentist or who prefer a DIY approach.

These teeth whitening kits provide a higher level of whitening than over-the-counter options and are an effective, affordable, and quick way for patients with discolored teeth.

For severe discoloration, misshapen, or broken teeth, where whitening may not be as effective, the dentists offer dental veneer treatments–a procedure that involves using ultra-thin coverings to hide a range of dental issues.

Dental veneers are made from natural-looking materials, such as zirconia and ceramic, and are usually crafted to mimic the natural color, shape, and size of the patient’s teeth for a perfect blend with the surrounding tooth. The veneers are bonded to the front of the patient’s teeth to keep them permanently in place, thus improving the patient’s smile and enhancing the function of their teeth. Blue Heron Dentistry can also accommodate patient’s who would prefer a different shape or size.

Besides the dental treatments listed above, Blue Heron Dentistry offers a range of other dental solutions, including general and restorative dentistry and periodontal therapy.

A recent patient commented, “Everyone was friendly and professional. I love that Dr. Maze promotes whole-body health rather than only oral health. All parts of the examination were explained, and the treatments offered are based on the most recent research, such as saliva tests to determine inflammation. Great experience.”

Interested parties can find additional information at https://blueherondentistry.com/

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