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Break Free from Addiction with Recovery Delivered’s Innovative Online Rehab Services

New York, NY – Like any other disease that requires professional medical assistance, addiction requires professional rehabilitation services to overcome. However, thinking that such services must only mean a commitment to a brick-and-mortar rehab center, many individuals may hold reservations regarding seeking such much-needed assistance. This is why Recovery Delivered decided to do things differently by doing exactly as its name suggests – deliver rehabilitation services to individuals’ locations or, better yet, fingertips. Armed with nothing but a smartphone and a state-issued identification card, individuals can begin their fruitful journeys back to living their fullest, drug-free lives by enrolling at the online addiction treatment center.

To guarantee clients the best possible care, Recovery Delivered works with some of the most highly-recommended independent physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, and licensed substance abuse counselors. These specialists tailor appropriate treatment programs according to each person’s condition to give them the best chances of successful and sustainable rehabilitation. One of their programs, Medication Assisted Treatment, has proven useful in helping individuals overcome some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, nausea, seizures, muscle aches, and sweating. Interested parties will be happy to know that some of the most commonly recommended medications for such symptoms – Benzodiazepine, antidepressants, Acamprosate, and Clonidine – can be conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

According to many first-hand accounts, the best part about seeking addiction treatments at Recovery Delivered is the minimal disruptions to individuals’ everyday lifestyles. The center’s treatments are suitable for anyone, from busy career individuals to stay-at-home parents. Another advantage is the flexibility of appointment times – clients can see addiction specialists within as little as fifteen minutes of scheduling appointments, no matter the time of day or night. This is particularly helpful in reducing the risk of relapse for those with a history of addiction.

While commenting on their experience with Recovery Delivered, one impressed client said, “Anyone who needs help from addiction, this is a place to really consider. It is very private from the luxury of your own home and phone. I have been a patient since September 2020. I would not trade my doctor for the world. She has been wonderful not only with the addiction issues but with other health issues. If I have a question about something on a test result that my personal family doctor can’t get back to me in time, my recovery delivery doctor is glad to answer and lend a helping hand. This is one decision you will not regret making.”

For individuals requiring more extensive support or inpatient treatment for their recovery, Recovery Delivered provides referrals to appropriate resources. To learn more about Recovery Delivered, visit their website. Any inquiries can be directed to a representative at (866) 757-9868. Recovery Delivered is located at 157 Bleecker St Suite 1, New York, NY, 10012, US.

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