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Venture Capital Sales Consulting & Deal Flow Organization Platform Updated

The newly announced update offers venture capitalists (VCs) a streamlined, hands-off approach to deal sourcing with experienced sales consulting that maximizes their volume of fitting investment opportunities. With a team of experts and a suite of powerful digital tools, OutFlow helps investment bankers, M&A advisors, private equity firms, individual VCs and VC firms identify startups and other companies with the potential for the best returns.

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According to a report from the StepStone Group, VC has performed extremely well over the last 15 years, surpassing the S&P by more than 700 basis points. With its newly updated service, OutFlow leverages a favorable market for the benefit of VCs, helping them fortify their sales pipeline so they can make the best investment decisions.

While the economy is predicted to experience a meaningful downturn over the next 12 months, recessions have not historically impeded startup activity. The supply of high-quality companies seeking capital is healthy, however finding the best opportunities can be a challenge. VCs must identify and evaluate companies based on a number of factors to ensure a viable fit.

OutFlow develops a pipeline of opportunities for ambitious VCs looking to optimize returns in 2023 by providing predictable, scalable opportunities and facilitating meetings and conversations with management and other decision-makers.

Prospecting services can be segmented by sector, market, geographic region and company size. OutFlow then builds an exclusive database of ideal prospects with up-to-date company and contact information so VCs are well-informed and prepared to discuss opportunities.

The service is a four-step process that targets appropriate companies, makes contact with key company representatives on behalf of the VC, evaluates whether the business model, service or product, and management team is a good fit, and secures a meeting amongst key players. By delivering exclusive, off-market deal opportunities, OutFlow helps its VC clients close more deals.

A spokesperson for OutFlow says, “You need to be meeting and talking with more business owners – adding them into your pipeline – regardless of whether they’re ready to sell. Additionally, you need to be managing that pipeline so opportunities are moving through it. With OutFlow, all the heavy lifting is done for you. We put you in front of the people you need to meet.”

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