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WifaPina Announces New Online Dating Platform

Weston, FL –The World’s Best Place for Foreigners and Filipinas to Virtually Meet, Date, and Later Marry.

WifaPina today announced its Foreigners Dating Filipinas online dating service platform. While there are other online dating websites serving this market segment, none has the capabilities that WifaPina offers. Via its website, WifaPina not only provides access to high quality people of all genders, but also unique tools to make the virtual introduction, meeting, chatting, dating, and yes…sex and intimacy, an exceptionally joyful experience that enables the relationship to build and grow quickly and intensively.

“Dating in the west has become a nightmare for everybody. Practically no one is finding it an enjoyable experience. Many reflect on the negatives, such as ghosting, catfishing, hookup culture, situationships, low effort date planning, used for free meals, and much more. In addition, there are gender wars, issues related to traditional gender roles vs modern gender roles, feminism vs red pill and the manosphere. Now more and more western men are seeking love and marriage overseas, and the Philippines is one of the hottest destinations,” says Margaret Aquino, President at WifaPina.

Western men are flocking to the Philippines to find wives because Filipinas are proven to be:

  • Beautiful women
  • Most are not overweight
  • Pleasant personality
  • Easy to get along with
  • Loyal to their mate and their family
  • Loves and embraces the traditional wife role
  • Wants children and family
  • Stay in their marriage and avoid divorce
  • Don’t cheat
  • Much less materialistic than western women
  • Submissive to their man

WifaPina’s dating platform is now available for immediate use. For more information visit

About WifaPina

We are the world’s leading dating service platform and relationship building tools provider for foreigners and Filipinas who want to virtually meet, chat, date, and later marry or enter into long term partnerships with each other.

Media contact:

Margaret Aquino