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Manual Therapy Barton Creek, TX – Running Analysis For Injury Prevention Update

The upgraded manual therapy program is designed to meet the needs of Barton Creek, TX runners who persistently experience pain. Using advanced technology specifically engineered for such purposes, the Austin therapy providers aim to correct problematic running techniques with expert feedback.

With its improved running analysis service, Axiom Physiotherapy hopes to equip patients with vital information that can help to improve their form and gait. The company stresses that by following its advice, runners can prevent injury recurrences while building habits conducive to healthier, more productive exercise.

As explained by the Austin physical therapist, making changes to optimize one’s running form is essential for long-term comfort. Now offering in-person sessions that can last up to an hour, its staff strives to help patients by extensively reviewing their running using high-speed video recording capabilities.

A spokesperson elaborated: “At Axiom Physiotherapy, we take great detail to observe each part of your running form. Prior to the run analysis, we will review your injury history, if any, assess your shoes and mileage, and concerns with potential injury.”

Axiom Physiotherapy points to the immediate benefits of its running analysis program stemming from the video reports that patients will promptly receive. As a result of the recent upgrades, patients are given feedback on their technique by way of frame-by-frame commentary, strengthened by professional recommendations.

Headed by Certified Manual Therapist Dr. Ben Shook, Axiom Physiotherapy offers its newly refined running analysis program as part of a range of one-on-one physical therapy services. Provided in what is described as an open-treatment environment, its additional programs include professional massage therapy, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise supervision.

“I took my son to have a running analysis and was very impressed with how thorough Dr. Ben Shook was,” said one prior patient. “He gave us some really good insights and resources to help my son improve his gait and overall functioning and performance.”

Also included in Axiom Physiotherapy’s new running analysis program is access to a home exercise video series with further tips on improving form and more. Appointments can be booked via its official website.

Interested parties in Barton Creek or around the Austin area can find further details about Axiom Physiotherapy’s running analysis program at

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