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Announcing the Launch of the Q-Dropped Podcast: Stories of Relationships Torn Apart by QAnon

Courtney Heard

In a move to bring this critical conversation to the mainstream, Courtney Heard and John Simmonds have launched the Q-Dropped Podcast to put the spotlight on those who have lost loved ones to conspiratorial thinking.

Kelowna / Okanagan, British Columbia Oct 31, 2022 ( – October 25th marked the launch of The Q-Dropped Podcast, a new audio show available on all podcast platforms. The Q-Dropped Podcast is a weekly podcast releasing episodes that tell the stories of people who are grieving the loss of loved ones who have fallen down the QAnon rabbit hole. This podcast highlights the deep rifts in families caused by conspiracy theories tied to the QAnon phenomenon.

“I lost my own parents down the QAnon rabbit hole,” says Courtney Heard, the host of the Q-Dropped Podcast. “It has completely changed the dynamic of my entire family. This podcast is about raising awareness for families like mine in an effort to find healing and support.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with the podcast reaching over 30 countries and 420 cities across the globe.

Twitter user, Zen in Niagara said, “Listened to the first episode today on the train into TO. Very well done.”

Richard Noggin said, “Listened to both episodes last night and looking forward to more.”

You can listen to episode 1, about a father who fears for his son’s safety after he discovers his son has joined a militia and is stockpiling weapons here: The Firearm Between Us

And you can listen to episode 2, about a young man who is getting ready to cut his QAnon parents completely out of his life, here: There is no cure for Q

You can also subscribe to the Qanon podcast on:

And anywhere that podcasts are served. Listeners may also sign up for Patreon to get bonus material from each episode, including videos of some of the interviews. You can find more subscription links as well as the media coverage we have already received here.

Future episodes of the Q-Dropped Podcast will tackle challenging topics such as the role Germany’s history has played in the drastic rise of QAnon support in their country today.

About Courtney Heard and John Simmonds: Courtney Heard and her common-law partner, John Simmonds live in Summerland, British Columbia Canada, with their 14-year-old son, their 5-year-old dog, and frequent visits from their 20-year-old daughter. John is a podcast producer, while Courtney is a copywriter.

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