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UK Starlink For Construction, Wireless Satellite Internet Service Launched

This announcement coincides with the company becoming a Starlink authorised reseller. Starlink uses satellites in low Earth orbit to quickly deliver high-speed, low-latency internet even without terrestrial connections.

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This enhanced internet solution can be deployed in even the most remote worksites. Having enterprise-grade data connectivity can improve coordination, project tracking, and progress reporting, ultimately leading to greater productivity.

Connectivity is an essential but often overlooked aspect of construction planning. Traditional 4G mobile internet can be spotty, while cable-based connections may not always be feasible, especially in out-of-the-way sites – this also makes Starlink perfect for offshore energy as well as maritime operations.

Satellite internet serves as a viable alternative since it does not rely on wires, fibre connections, and phone lines. Instead, it beams an internet signal from space, which is then picked up by a dedicated satellite dish on the ground. Connection speeds can reach up to 500 Mbps, depending on the package the client chooses.

A representative says: “We are very excited to leverage Starlink’s services and expand our existing remote connectivity capabilities, ensuring we can service our clients with fibre-like networks no matter the location.”

Understanding the transient nature of construction projects, Clarus Networks gives clients the flexibility to choose the length of their Starlink subscription. Moreover, it also offers private LTE and 5G solutions to serve as backup connections.

Prospective clients can book an exploratory meeting to learn more about Starlink deployment in construction sites.

About The Clarus Networks Group

Clarus Networks utilises innovative technologies to provide robust and reliable internet coverage to enterprise clients. In addition to the construction industry, it also serves the energy, mining, and maritime sectors. The company has offices in Scotland, London, and Manchester.

A spokesperson says: “With over eight decades of experience across the senior management team and a unique understanding of the construction, civil engineering, energy, utilities, and healthcare sectors, we deliver expert project planning and account management, ensuring your teams are connected from day one.”

Interested parties may visit if they wish to learn more about the company’s newest service offering.

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