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Clark Concrete Works, Concrete Contractors in Rochester, NY, Expand to Meet Residential and Commercial Needs

Rochester, NY – Clark Concrete Works initially started by constructing basic structures, such as footing slabs. Currently, the contractors have grown to handle complex commercial projects, including concrete installations, repairs, and residential projects. The company traces this milestone to its skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and use of industry-standard materials.

The team at Clark Concrete Works has gained experience from its years of service and developed the required techniques to complete complex projects. They apply remarkable finishes resistant to harsh environments and wear and tear to ensure that the construction lasts longer and has low maintenance and costs.

Another quality service assurance that Clark Concrete Works applies is completing each project per the client’s request. This is after they have offered a consultation, discussing the best outdoor solutions based on the property owners’ preferences and budget. The company offers clients different concrete colors, textures, and patterns to choose. In addition to providing quality services, Clark Concrete Works of Rochester NY offers competitive rates.

One of the services offered is the installation of an outdoor patio, a common feature in modern homes. By using concrete, the technicians offer clients a cost-effective solution compared to wood, bricks, and stones. The concrete patios are also made to resemble these materials. The team constructs concrete driveways ideal for clients interested in impressing guests and boosting their properties’ value.

Clients are also offered the option of installing stamped concrete on their patios. This type of concrete is preferred for its durability and non-slip properties. Clark Concrete Works builds different concrete slabs depending on clients’ specification and building purposes.

For commercial buildings, including hotels, malls, industrial facilities, and more, the concrete contractors Rochester NY use different concrete installation procedures customized for the projects. In this case, they use unique designs, heavier mesh for reinforcement, and a strong concrete mixture. The team also uses special coatings, such as epoxy, that are easier to clean and resistant to stains and high traffic.

“Our skilled team does everything to bring our customer’s dreams to life. We take pride in our customer care services and enjoy creating outdoor spaces for our clients to enjoy. Our objective is to provide you with a great experience.” Clark Concrete Works’ representative noted.

Contact the team at Clark Concrete Works by calling (585) 440-7270 to schedule for service or ask for an estimate. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered. Their office is located in Rochester, NY, 14611, United States.

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