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Li & Liao Optometry Offers Neurolens to Correct Eye Misalignment and Symptoms

Bakersfield, CA, 10/25/22 — Li & Liao Optometry is addressing the rising problem of eye misalignment for patients by offering innovative Neurolens lens technology. Eye misalignment is becoming more common in today’s world, in part due to daily screen use for long periods of time. The condition is often the root cause of symptoms like eye fatigue and strain, neck and shoulder aches and pains, migraines, headaches, motion sickness, and dizziness. With these lenses, Li & Liao positions themselves as top eye care providers dedicated to improving patients’ lives with cutting-edge options.

“We’re very excited to offer this groundbreaking lens to our patients for their eyeglasses,” said Dawson Li, O.D., co-owner and optometrist at Li & Liao Optometry. “Eye misalignment is something we’ve often diagnosed during our comprehensive eye exams, and many people don’t know it’s causing their issues, like migraines and back aches. We’re glad that we can offer patients of all ages relief with these prescription lenses!”

Neurolens doesn’t just ease the symptoms of eye misalignment — it also helps doctors and patients alike understand how this condition causes them. As misalignment makes it more difficult for the eyes to focus, the body overcompensates by constantly making small adjustments, resulting in discomfort from the temples down to the shoulders, and even the back.

To help relieve these symptoms, Neurolens works by using an advanced, one-of-a-kind contoured prism lens design. These features help the eye focus and make corrections that would otherwise be made by the body, easing strain. The lenses are highly customizable and available in all prescriptions, making them a suitable option for almost any patient suffering from eye misalignment.

“Eye misalignment is often ignored or not treated properly, but we take our patients’ whole-body comfort to heart — we always look for the latest ways to help them,” said Dr. Li. “Many patients don’t know they suffer from eye misalignment, but we can easily diagnose it, and now have an easy fix for this problem.”

Li & Liao Optometry offers Neurolens at their locations throughout Bakersfield, and educates patients on how seemingly unrelated symptoms may indicate eye misalignment. They are taking appointments for new and current patients.

About Li & Liao Optometry

Li & Liao Optometry is a multi-location eye care practice in Bakersfield, noted for their emphasis on patient education and thorough care. Founded in 2001 by Drs. Dawson Li and Yuh-Jen Liao, they are especially lauded for their timeliness, usage of scribes to focus on patients, and variety of services. With a large in-office optical selection, Li & Liao Optometry also offers novel eyewear technology, including myopia control options for children, advanced dry eye treatment, and Neurolens.

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