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When given the option, most smokers are actually receptive to sharing an airspace more respectfully. How? Using a Smoke Eraser Personal Air Filter. With an impact far greater than to any individual, the solution is one for the greater good.

Redondo Beach, California Oct 20, 2022 ( – A personal air filter like the Smoke Eraser is the one and only solution that can address the issue of exhaled secondhand smoke directly at the source. Responsible for over 41k deaths per year, the issue is real and one obviously with deeper implications than being simply an annoyance. But when it’s always the smoker dictating who breathes what, it’s the irritation of it that takes precedence. Sitting idly by just to take it though is no longer one only choice when the suggestion of a personal air filter can provide a smoker with the opportunity to share his airspace much more respectfully. Be it a Smoke Eraser or some other brand, the unit suppresses all secondhand smoke that would have previously been spewed carelessly about, affecting any within the vicinity.

Secondhand smoke is predicted to only grow increasingly more widespread as the legalization of marijuana continues advancing across the country with some 40+ states now having approved of its use either recreationally or medicinally. For more on the effects of secondhand smoke from marijuana, visit the following link, With over 55 million adults in the US that currently smoke the plant, either publicly around friends and strangers, or at home where its likely spouse and children withstand the effects, a critical need exists for suppression of any lingering pollutants; in other words, secondhand smoke. Most would agree that any potential solutions known to effectively combat the issue should be made easily and readily available, given the inevitability of children in the affected households.

As effective a solution as the personal air filter is to 2nd and even 3rd hand smoke, a majority of the population remains unaware the solution even exists. At least for a portion of this number, that’s likely due to a suppression of the personal air filter based on a sort of demonization of the product. Through inaccurate assumptions that the product is nothing more than paraphernalia, they become suppressed from buyers; and this is ironically for their safety. On the backend, this translates to restriction from advertising, or worse from being listed altogether. One brand in particular that has had its fair share of these restrictions, is the Smoke Eraser. Quite the shame too, as ironically, it’s the one brand with the most R&D investment, hence the most robust performance and longevity compared to other brands in the space. The patent pending design of the unique Smoke Eraser allows those fortunate enough to find one, the experience a lifespan simply unmatched by competitors. But even so, these younger brands, like Smoke Eraser, too often continue to be unnecessarily suppressed. This is while older brands like Smoke Buddy, have avoided much of the scrutiny enjoying almost uninterrupted growth over time. But regularly miscategorized, it’s not uncommon for Smoke Eraser to have to raise the argument that personal air filters are not pipes; a fairly consistent assumption about the product. “I feel like I’m standing up for us all each time I have to mount this defense. The things they claim are neither fair nor accurate. I mean we are talking about air filters here. The product doesn’t introduce or facilitate the introduction of anything into the body, or the bloodstream for that matter.” Craig Nowak exclaims, the owner of Smoke Eraser. But mischaracterizations like this are what keep some brands pigeonholed; therefore unavailable and/or simply unknown to the masses. Masses that are deserving of access that’s unrestricted to proven solutions like this.

Each day there are countless individuals who wish to breathe clean air and have no choice but to live, work, ride, or simply associate with someone intent on polluting it. But with product suppressed, people just remain unaware a solution exists; due to this, suffering continues. What is desperately needed here is simply a more nuanced understanding of the personal air filter. To have each of these powerful advertising firms better understand that the beneficiary of the personal air filter is not the individual per se, but actually, society as a whole, suppression of this product would probably ease up. A personal air filter is a tool that actually benefits the greater good of society when secondhand smoke affects so many; literally anyone at any given time.

But it’s not all bad news. Yes, miscategorized and restricted by the likes of Amazon, TikTok, Shopify, etc., but it was luckily through a dogged determination and a belief that his pursuit was a worthy one, that enabled Smoke Eraser to win each of these giants back over time. But with continuous assumptions, the needed fight to defend the personal air filter is not one that is likely to end anytime soon.

The Smoke Eraser is a personal air filter for 2nd and 3rd hand smoke suppression made to outlast competing units by multiplying output through a patent pending dryable design. By simply protecting the HEPA filter from moisture, lifespans are extended exponentially. This longest lasting solution in its class is the creation of product developer Craig Nowak who puts it this way, “I’m not an inventor, I just take stuff and make it better.” For more information on the Smoke Eraser, contact Craig at 310-909-4708,, or visit

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