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Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet For Ships | LEO Smart Shipping Service Launch

In their newly released report, the communications consultants and industrial network specialist outlines LEO technology’s capacity to digitise the industry and speed up the development of connected smart ships for autonomous and more environmentally friendly maritime transport.

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“Enabling Smart Shipping With LEO” also points to the advantages of the innovative technology in terms of optimising the fuel used during journeys and shortening turnaround times for ships in ports.

While wireless connectivity is now widely used by many industries across the world, the maritime sector has been struggling to adopt the technology due to connectivity issues for vessels offshore. Existing solutions often prove to be unreliable due to a lack of global coverage and high operational costs. Clarus Networks Ltd report explains how LEO satellites are lending a solution to this problem.

As the authors explain, the use of LEO satellites will unlock a range of opportunities for the marine industry as they allow for continuous and reliable connections to relay information between ships and ports worldwide. Smart ships equipped with this technology will also improve the health and safety of a vessel’s crew by providing remote communication capabilities for its members and their families.

Clarus Networks also outlines the environmental advantages of using smart ships, highlighting the enhanced fuel and CO2 emissions control they provide. The experts explain that with the use of LEO connections, future smart ships can be completely unmanned, further reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

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About The Clarus Networks Group

Founded in 2014, Clarus Networks provides tailored communications systems to help clients’ teams stay connected. The company’s management team has over eight decades of combined experience across the construction, civil engineering, energy, utilities, and healthcare sectors.

Commenting on the LEO solution, a Clarus Networks Ltd spokesperson said, “With global coverage, no matter how remote, LEO satellites would meet the port-to-shore requirements of smart ships, allowing the vessels to be equipped to support a more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly future.”

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