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Striking Out Baseball Injuries With a Massive Giveaway

Austin, TX ( Tuesday Oct 18, 2022 @ 10:50 AM Eastern —

October and baseball can only mean one of two things: you are either in the playoffs or you are headed home to recover and get better for next season. Tracy Hayes, also known as MobilityChick, is the CEO of Amplified Movement and as a wife of a former professional baseball player, Tracy knows all about the process of recovery, increasing mobility, and building back up for the next season. From the ‘21 baseball season, 87% of pro baseball players who completed her 12-Week Mobility Series spent 0 days on the injured list. As well as experiencing significant improvements in their on-field performance, pitchers saw a 69% increase in K/9 rate, and hitters on average increased their Home Run Rate by 80%.

Tracy’s goal is to get the word out to as many professional and amateur baseball and softball players, and coaches, young and older – that there’s a better way to move. As a mom of four kids, she is concerned we need to get this message out earlier. If everyone started doing this type of mobility work early in their lives, there would be significantly less injury, kids would have an opportunity to live up to their potential and we wouldn’t have to be dealing with the epidemic of arm injuries described in Jeff Passan’s best-selling book “The Arm.”

Tracy Hayes explains “I am a chick on a mission to positively impact humankind with the freedom to reach and be your highest self. Mobility is everything. You live your life but once and the greatest gift you can give yourself is through practices that provide absolute freedom to excel and perform at your highest levels.” Tracy adds, “All of these brands involved in the giveaway are companies created by amazing humans out to help others. Each prize in the giveaway is something that will make you a better mover, healthier, stronger, and maybe even just a little bit cooler.”

To help get the word out in the baseball community, MobilityChick has teamed up with iconic baseball, wellness, and mobility brands for a giveaway whose value exceeds $20,000.

From a custom pro-Rawlings glove to a dozen J-Bands and Mental Warrior Program from Jaeger Sports, it’s a significant giveaway. Alan Jaeger, of Jaeger Sports, adds, “Tracy is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse who moves mountains to make positive change in everyone who works with her. Mobility as a practice is often overlooked as a natural form of movement as we all take it for granted. However, Tracy breaks down her clients’ form to rebuild their movement one fluid step at a time allowing her clients to reach their peak physical performance through motion muscle memory. It was only natural to share the positive impact these brands are making.”

The brands participating include JaegerSports, Rawlings, Kinetic Arm, Vivo Barefoot, Bakbon,, LYT Yoga, Baseball Flows, CamWood Bats, Dugout Mugs, Prospect Dugout, Our Baseball Life, Hitting Done Right, and others.

Details about Tracy’s mobility work and this incredible giveaway can be found at Amplified Movement.

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