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National Buyers Agents Association US Housing Price Comparison Videos Launched

First-time homebuyers and investors can now compare prices and trends across 50 states and major cities using a new video tool launched by the Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association (NBAA). These yearly updated, one-minute videos give prospective homeowners information on the latest changes in the local housing market, market conditions, and median home prices. The brief clips offer quick comparisons of house price averages and trends across most major American cities as well as a countrywide overview.

Interested parties can view both these national and state real estate trends videos at

The National Buyers Agents Association’s new video tool was developed in response to a recent survey of real estate analysts, who predicted that US home prices would increase by double digits this year and would remain in a sellers’ market for the next two years. The NBAA confirms that average home price increased by 17% last year, the highest yearly increase in at least two decades, as a result of historically low interest rates, a lack of available housing, and unexpected demand during the pandemic.

The release of this new tool addresses the concerns of many purchasers interested in learning where housing costs are the lowest and if they will continue to rise or fall.

Viewers can easily compare markets in terms of median housing values across 50 states already covered in the videos, with more to come as videos are updated each year. Additionally, they can use state housing market videos to compare prices across smaller communities. The viewer will also enjoy the visuals of state and city visuals that are unique to each state.

Showcasing the value of exclusive buyers’ agents through the 1-minute video series, The National Buyers Agents Association states that offering comparative market assessments (CMAs) for local locations will enhance the buyer’s or seller’s overall comprehension of regional, state, and national trends and prices. The ability to examine specific properties even more deeply will be aided by “time on market” data, which will improve general market trends knowledge.

According to the NBAA, the number of days a property is on the market is rising with sellers having to wait longer to find buyers and are often more amenable to negotiations. The new video series can help buyers quickly locate and close on properties that meet their financial and lifestyle goals.

Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association observes a significant increase in independent research performed by buyers and sellers and thus created the video series in response to that need. Exclusive buyer-side agents and their clients are expected to benefit from the new video series as a source of verified information about housing trends.

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In addition to equipping buyers with accurate information, the NBAA video tool supports the association’s goal of real estate consumer education and its commitment to providing tools and access to the highest-rated and reviewed real estate agents.

Association manager Kathleen Chiras said, “My 30-year-old son said he is thrilled to be using the new tool. Because of his remote job, he can live anywhere and is seeking to get away from high prices and taxes in California. Many people who contact us for buyer’s agents are working at remote jobs these days, and are taking advantage of all the comparison tools offered to them.”

For more information and to view the videos, visit the National Buyers Agents Association website at:

Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association
7652 Gartner Rd. Ste. 723

United States

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