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Preferred Pest Control Orange County Lists Signs Of A Silverfish Invasion

Preferred Pest Control Orange County, CA – Silverfish are a type of wingless insect that lives worldwide, including throughout the United States. Although silverfish are relatively harmless and mostly just a nuisance, it is important to address an infestation before it becomes an issue. Indoors, silverfish can cause property damage by chewing holes in clothing, upholstery and paper goods, such as wallpaper and books. Outdoors, they tend to occupy gardens in places with high moisture levels, such as under piles of leaves or wood or in gutters. Silverfish can find their way into a person’s home through gaps, cracks, and holes in the building’s exterior, and they can cause damage to both the building and people’s possessions.

For these reasons, its important to recognize a silverfish infestation. The professionals at Preferred Pest Control list a few things homeowners can look out for. The first sign of silverfish invasion is the existence of live silverfish. These little, versatile, slippery insects range in color from blue-silver to brown-grey. They’re shaped like a teardrop and wiggle backward and forward when they move, much like a fish does when swimming. Finding silverfish is hard because they are nighttime pests, however seeing even a single live silverfish is a good indicator that you have an infestation somewhere in the home.

Silverfish have relatively distinct droppings. They appear like small, black peppercorns, and are typically discovered in areas silverfish like to frequent, like the backs of furniture or the space below cupboards. Silverfish droppings are small enough that many individuals mistake them for dust or small particles. Silverfish shed their skins throughout their lives. The external shells are little, delicate, and transparent, however are a great indicator of a silverfish invasion.

One of the most convenient methods to find silverfish is to recognize the damage they’re causing. Silverfish eat starchy food like wallpaper, linens, clothing, and cardboard. Search for holes chewed through products like these to validate that you have a silverfish problem.

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