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2G CARBON COIN (2GCC): the green token has been listed on MelegaSwap

2GCC LIsted on MelegaSwap

MelegaSwap has announced the partnership and default listing of $2GCC, the project that has driven analysts crazy ever since it was listed for extraordinary market performances

Zurich, Switzerland Oct 13, 2022 ( – Another achievement for MelegaSwap, is the new black AMM DEX on Binance Smart Chain.

The 2G Carbon Coin team has agreed to enter a partnership with MelegaSwap, both with farms and pools but also at a strategic level for community development and general marketing.

Thus, the MelegaSwap project is consolidated with another player of absolute interest in the crypto scene that increases the offer, the tvl, and the liquidity of the brand-new black dex exchange.

On the other hand, $2GCC will benefit from a very active and rapidly growing community, which almost daily keeps around 20,000 users busy with events, giveaways, and investment opportunities.

2G CARBON COIN’s primary mission is to harmonize and facilitate Voluntary Carbon Credits trading in a Web3 and blockchain key. $2GCC has been minted in 100 Billion on Binance Smart Chain by the swiss company 2G Carbon Credit Sa, active in the trading of carbon credits in the Voluntary Market.

On the project website, we read that the $2GCC utility token was launched as part of a specific corporate strategy aimed at ensuring that the company becomes a reference point in the Voluntary Carbon Credits trading, also through the acquisition and redevelopment of green areas of important plots of pre-deserted, flooded, salty or polluted land.

Shareholders and partners of absolute importance denote the solidity of the project.

$2GCC Tokenomics provides the following.

90% of the 2G CARBON COIN supply is locked until 2024 in will be burned. This availability constitutes a reserve which, based on the trend of the token on the markets, can be burned or distributed equally to the holders according to the actions that the team will define at the appropriate time, after public announcements with adequate notice.

5% of 2G CARBON COIN supply will be available in DEX Liquidity POOls for purchase and for liquidity in CEX Exchanges.

3% will be reserved for marketing promotions, listings, and general expenses.

2% will be reserved for IT developing

1% will be reserved for the founders and investors and stacked for the first 24 months.

Currently, on the market, it has a unit value stably above $ 2,500, about double that of Ethereum!

An extraordinary token, even in the team that is moving forward by forging ahead and obtaining in about 3 months:

4 Listings in CEX Exchanges (Tokpie, P2B, Indoex, Dex-Trade)

3 listings in DEX Exchanges (PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and now MelegaSwap)

Furthermore, we find the $2GCC crypto in almost any tracker of global importance, such as CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, but also Binance, Forbes,, Coinbase, etc.

From today 2G CARBON COIN is available on both for swaps, but also and above all for farms and pools with high APRs.

Source :MelegaSwap

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