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Plumber Grays Welcomes Craig Wells as Customer Experience Manager

Award winning marketing manager with over 20 years experience , Craig Wells takes new position as Customer Experience Manager for Plumber Grays. Full details can be found on the About section of the company website,

Plumber Grays CEO, Peter Chambers expressed confidence that Craig Wells is ready to handle the job, saying:

The fast pace that Plumber Grays is growing means it needs someone to step in with the right experience. Craig has a great wealth of knowledge about social media and new ways for the business to communicate with customers.

Among the new responsibilities Craig Wells can expect to handle, the main challenges are:

Improving the satisfaction rates of customers. As the business has grown, its been tough to keep the same high standards of customer service. This is a high priority for Craig to work at. Plumber Grays has always prided itself on its reputation and that they have got this far on word of mouth alone. Their reputation is incredibly high and its important that this isn’t lost as it starts to grow more and more.

Changing the way the company markets itself using more modern technology. Technology has changed and grown over the years, and the business has no one that knows it as well as Craig.

Increase the visibility on social media will help bring the business in to the modern era of social media. Social media can be a tough place to work in. A simple mistake will for ever be recorded and no business can get away from its mistakes. One of the benefits of this is that customers can share their positive stories about Plumber Grays and they have helped them. Reviews are essential in today’s online world.

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Customer Experience Manager via the website:

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