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Platform To Find DJs For Weddings & Book Online: Review & Search Service Launch

Finding the right DJ is important to the success of any event, but there are very few resources to help event planners search through their options to find a DJ with the correct style. Gruuvv’s expanded service helps clients anywhere in the United States to connect with local DJs and book them for events.

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Choosing a DJ can be more complicated than clients realize, and Gruuvv’s service makes it simple to see all the important information about local options in one place. Clients can sort through their local DJs by specialty, price, genre, or the amount of equipment included.

Though entertainment makes up only 5% of the typical wedding budget, 80-90% of newlyweds credit the success of their reception to the DJ. However, aside from word of mouth, there is no simple way to know if a DJ is right for a particular event. Gruuvv helps to inform clients about what past event planners have to say, by providing a place for reviews, testimonies, and ratings.

To find a DJ with Gruuvv, planners can search by their city, event type, and event date, to get a short list of specialists. They can also search only by the event location, to get a wider range of DJs to choose from.

When selecting a DJ, clients will see how many guests the DJ is comfortable entertaining, what type of events they specialize in, and their preferred musical genres. It will also explain their pricing, how far they will travel, and which equipment they will bring to the event.

DJs can be booked at an hourly rate, though many performers have a minimum booking rate, or for an entire day. Bookings can be made directly through the Gruuvv platform’s secure payment processing system, or clients can communicate directly with the DJs to ask questions, negotiate rates, or make special requests.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Gruuvv is designed to make booking a DJ quicker and easier. We bring together thousands of DJs that fit any style, budget, and availability across different locations. Gruuvv provides the right DJ right now.”

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