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QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs), a Sports Injury Clinic, Treats Different Types of Pain and Sports Injuries Naturally Using Regenerative Medicine

Atlanta, GA – QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) has a wide spectrum of regenerative medicine therapies to treat various types of pain and sports injuries. The clinic’s sports medicine treatments stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities to enable the damaged tissues to heal faster than normal, resulting in a quicker recovery rate. They strengthen the injured areas’ tendons, ligaments, and cartilage to avoid re-injury. The pain control clinic’s therapies treat many sports injuries, including but not limited to torn ACL and MCL, golfer’s elbow, and torn Meniscus.

The sports medicine clinic’s therapies are ideal when patients have tried the common advice of rest, compression, ice, and elevation but have failed. In such cases, the clinic uses a full recovery regime that combines traditional sports in treatments, rest, and bracing with regenerative medicine for optimal results. They develop customized treatment plans based on patients’ unique health conditions. Their minimally invasive procedures have long-lasting results and may be an alternative to knee repair and knee replacement surgery.

The pain control clinic begins all its sports medicine treatments with a free consultation session. During the consultation, the physician takes down information on the patient’s medical history and may request some additional tests to diagnose their condition. The results also inform on whether the patient is eligible for regenerative medicine and the best-suited treatment options based on the diagnosis. The clinic provides personalized concierge-level service for logistical support within the facility during treatment.

QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) has treated hundreds of patients via its team of board-certified physicians. The clinic uses advanced technologies like laser therapy and up-to-date equipment and tools to improve accuracy in treatment and diagnosis. The result of their treatments is improvement in the function and quality of life of their patients. The Sandy Springs sports injury clinic encourages patient engagement in critical decision-making about their treatment plans and care.

The clinic representative had this to say regarding their services,

“Our alternative therapies replace costly surgical procedures and effectively reduce joint pain. Regenerative medicine involves treating joint pain symptoms and their underlying health conditions. Biologic therapies and natural pain treatment options provide long-lasting pain relief and treatment results.”

The pain control clinic also offers regenerative medicine treatment for pain in different body parts such as the back, knee, wrists, shoulder, and hip. Their treatments, furthermore, help patients dealing with pain due to arthritis.

QC Kinetix (Sandy Springs) is headquartered at 755 Mt Vernon Hwy, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA, 30328, US. For consultation and booking, contact their team via phone at (770) 285-8026. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their Sandy Springs office and their regenerative medicine treatments for sports injuries and pain.

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