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Leading SAP AIOps Platform, Avantra, Praises Benefits of RISE with SAP

As a Silver SAP Partner, Avantra, the SAP automation giant, wants to help customers succeed using RISE with SAP.

Cloud-based deployments are gaining huge momentum today among SAP-centric businesses looking to operate as intelligent enterprises achieving more efficiency and agility.

But such a transition demands high-level flexibility and scalability, and RISE with SAP, a complete cloud-based system by SAP, offers a pathway.

It’s a “bundling of existing SAP services,” vital to managing an SAP landscape into a single contract.

Incorporating S/4HANA Cloud ERP, RISE with SAP is available as a private cloud system or can be contracted to hyperscalers–AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and so on.

Supporting SAP-focused enterprises in modernising their businesses on the cloud, RISE with SAP aims to help achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). The result is that enterprises can efficiently standardise on high-end business suites to scale and bolster productivity while keeping ROI rolling in the business.

Through Rise with SAP, Avantra allows enterprises to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation and intelligent SAP operations. The aim is to enable them to grow faster, address market dynamics, drive process efficiency, and offer proactive customer experiences across the value chain.

Avantra claims that, as a certified ‘Works with RISE with SAP’ service, it can enable native integration with a range of hyperscalers. Plus, offering seamless integration with multiple response platforms, the company makes rollout prompt and as effortless as possible.

Building on RISE with SAP’s base-level monitoring, Avantra offers a range of additional checks on its customers’ business-critical SAP operations at each stage of their S/4 HANA journey. Its full-stack monitoring includes smart notification management that saves enterprises from unnecessary interruptions.

To quote a client, “The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Avantra. We’ve used Avantra to monitor our landscape before, during, and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating to HANA.” ”Our landscape is very complex, we can’t even imagine managing and monitoring it without Avantra. No other tool in the market can give us the same results,” The client added.

Avantra aims to free up IT operation resources by automating best-practice SAP operations management and implementing compliance across the whole SAP stack.

In addition, leveraging Avantra’s extendible and fully customisable built-in best practice SAP automations means a company’s requirements can be met with zero friction.

Headquartered in London, Avantra is an industry-recognised AIOPs (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) service for SAP automation operations. It aims to offer MSPs and enterprises unrivalled intelligence into their SAP landscape health and help transform business processes from reactive to proactive with automated, self-healing AIOPs.

Interested parties can find more information about RISE with SAP and Avantra at

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