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Downtown Easton’s Trifecta Kennels to Offer Dog Grooming, Daycare, Play, & Training on Days and Evenings

Trifecta Kennels is now offering it’s full suite of dog services including daycare, playcare, training, and grooming at it’s 403 Northampton St. location in Easton, PA. Dog walking may also be added soon as an additional service. The services were designed to offer those working in or visiting Easton with a great alternative to leaving their dogs home alone with nothing to do but sleep or get into trouble while home alone.

According to the staff, the Easton facility will offer dog daycare, playcare, grooming, and training programs such as agility, obedience, and puppy training much like the Trifecta’s original location in Monroe County. Easton residents, employees, and visitors can get these services with no reservation while they’re out for activities in what’s considered one of the most walking-friendly small cities in the US. People can leave their dogs while they hang out in Easton for dinner, see a show at the State Theater, visit Crayola, go to the Farmers Market, have brunch, go to work, or get a haircut.

For those unfamiliar, the original Trifecta Kennels in Gilbert, PA was established in 1979 at 526 Weir Mountain Road in the Poconos and boasts a 6-acre dog park where pooches can play and run free during their stay. Both locations also offer dog grooming as well as an array of dog supplies and equipment. The new owner, Eugene Babenko, purchased the company from the original owners after over 40 years in business.

“When I saw the place in Gilbert I really loved it. I have dogs, and now I train and keep my dogs here. I saw the massive space they had for the dogs and had a vision for it to make it even better. Obviously, we can’t have a huge dog park in Easton, but we can serve dog owners with needed services while they are working or out and about in the city for activities, dinner, or a show.”

Last year, Trifecta also introduced short-term playcare in both of it’s locations for individuals who need to have their dog watched for a few hours while they run errands or do local activities. This is largely the vision for the Easton location. Downtown Easton is a busy place with many things to do. People want to bring their dogs, but obviously can’t take them everywhere, so the playcare or daycare are perfect options.

“Having spent a lot of time in Easton myself, I know our location is convenient to both Lehigh Valley and Pocono residents,” Babenko said. “We’ve upgraded the facility and are trying to make it a part of the city life with new activities, events, and clubs. We believe in creating a new space for people to be with their dogs rather than just dropping them off.”

To contact or get more information about Trifecta’s dog programs in downtown Easton, call 610-681-4521 or visit

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