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Smart Technologies Draw Employees Back To Work With Enticing Office Designs

While the pandemic may be subsiding, it has permanently changed the workplace. Many employees are reluctant to return to the office after working remotely. Furthermore, skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, and concerns over climate change have made commuting even less appealing.

Some companies can permanently transition employees to remote work, but many can’t. Therefore, the modern office must be more than a workplace and add value beyond a desk. This is where smart glass can reinvent the office by increasing productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction.

Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted on demand, providing instant privacy. Therefore, they’re a popular alternative to curtains and blinds, presenting design opportunities that conventional window treatments cannot offer. Smart glass can be installed on operable glass windows, walls, and doors – making them popular options for interior glazing features. Smart film can be applied to existing glass surfaces to retrofit them into smart glass.

In an open office plan, it’s difficult to reduce noise and distractions without a visual barrier. With switchable glass walls, companies can maintain the openness and connectivity while minimizing noise and allowing workers to focus in private.

Incorporating glazing into office designs allows natural light to reach deeper into spaces. Studies show natural light elevates mood, energy levels, and workplace productivity. Increasing daylight also decreases the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy costs.

Smart glass is most popular in conference rooms. Meeting rooms hog office space and views. By installing smart film or glass, meeting rooms can be visually connected to the rest of the office when not in use, making the workplace look bigger and brighter. When meetings are held, the glass can be made opaque to impress visitors.

Where glass walls cannot be installed, glass doors often can. Glass office doors can increase interactions, waves, and smiles. When executives want privacy, they can frost the glass door from their desks.

As spaces change and technologies evolve, so must elements like glass. Get in touch with Smart Glass Country to learn more about this breakthrough product that is pushing the limits of what glass can do.

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