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Joe’s Academy of Music Offers Piano Lessons to Future Career Musicians and Hobbyists in St Albans, NY

St Albans, NY: Joe’s Academy of Music offers piano lessons St Albans to students interested in pursuing a career in music and others. The one-on-one lessons, conducted by university-trained instructors, enrich the student’s understanding of music theories, vocals, and piano playing. In addition to gaining technical skills, the school combines the important fundamentals from genres such as rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, classical, and worship — to give students a holistic mastery of playing piano.

Besides piano, Joe’s Academy of Music offers St Albans guitar lessons. Considering guitar is a polyphonic instrument (meaning it can play more than one tone at a time), the instructor tailors the lessons to what type of music the student likes to make lessons fun and easy to follow. The top teachers, who have toured in Europe and USA, also incorporate their experience in teaching, adequately preparing students for the real world of playing instruments.

In the private music lessons St Albans, students can learn other instruments such as woodwinds, orchestral strings, brass, drums, and percussion. The school provides the students with an instrument for online lessons (depending on their preference) and can request a specific instructor. As a music school dedicated to fitting into the learner’s diary, students (or with help from parents) can schedule ideal lesson times.

The award-winning music and dance programs are also tailored to parents that do not have musical backgrounds but are still interested in assisting their children in pursuing and learning music. To involve parents, Joe’s Academy of Music allows them to occasionally sit in a music lesson to get an idea of what a good song or performance should sound like. With the exposure, they can help their children practice and become better.

Joe’s Academy of Music also offers music lessons to learners interested in basics and those that want to improve their skills constantly. Based on progress and schedule, the classes may take a few months for basic level playing. On the other hand, students who want to keep improving (and find lessons more enjoyable) can be trained under highly qualified instructors for the long term.

The music school is an all-inclusive platform for music lovers. When speaking about the school, Dr. Jolander Headley, the founder (and CEO), noted, “We are committed to the goal that all students–regardless of income, age, or disability–are allowed access to the arts.”

Joe’s Academy of Music is located at 114-04 Farmers Blvd., Queens, NY, 11412, US. Learners interested in piano, guitar, or other music lessons can contact the school at (718) 454-3036. Visit the website for more information.

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