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Hempshire Forms Partnerships to Increase MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes Sales at Convenience Stores, Chain Stores, Retail Stores, and Online Marketplaces in the US

The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF), a California-based company that formulates and sells its own proprietary brand of organic hemp smokes under the MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes label, just announced the signing of strategic partnership agreements with Amit Khubani and Tom Patterson.

These partnership agreements are performance-based, with Khubani and Patterson being incentivized to drive US$10 million in B2B product sales for Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) over the next twelve months in exchange for stock in the Company.

Amit Khubani is a direct response marketing founding family member, having formed Telebrands, the As Seen On TV marketing empire, Idea Village and ONTEL Products Corp. The Khubani enterprises account for a sizable portion of all direct response merchandise marketed in the US today. He serves as the executive VP of ONTEL and is in charge of approximately $500 million in annual product sales.

Under his partnership agreement with The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF), Khubani is responsible for supporting the placement of MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes in retail chains and convenience stores in major targeted market regions (DMAs), beginning on the East Coast of the US.

Tom Patterson is widely regarded as one of the most influential growth marketing and digital marketing strategists in the e-commerce industry. Mr. Pattersons in-house owned brands have produced over $100 million in consumer and B2B sales, and he has been responsible for over 450 million in product sales for WKND Digital clients.

Under his partnership agreement, Patterson is responsible for developing and deploying marketing and consumer sell-through assets to increase consumer knowledge and demand for the MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes brand in retail channels.

These two marketing experts are facilitating Hempshires entry into the US convenience store and retail store sectors by leveraging the substantial relationships they have built over the last 20 years and by deploying consumer demand and sell-through tactics they have pioneered for dozens of the worlds most successful consumer brands. They are also in charge of promoting MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

We are ecstatic to have attracted two high-caliber individuals to Hempshires (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) U.S. B2B sales efforts, and even more excited that these individuals have requested a highly incentivized performance and equity based compensation structure,” said Martin Marion, Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) President and CEO. “After trying MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes within their circles and conducting their due diligence, Amit and Toms request for a performance and equity-based compensation package shows their belief in the upside potential of Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF).

Hempshire Signs a Purchase Agreement Worth $1.25 Million to Sell MOUNTAIN(R) Cigarettes in Europe and the EU

On September 15, The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) completed a legally binding purchase agreement for MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes destined for Europe and the European Union (EU) with European exclusive master distributor Montagnaria Group AG for US$1.25 million.

The purchase deal followed a press release on September 7 announcing that Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) had been given a licence to market MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes in Belgium. Through member-state reciprocity, Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) gained access to the entire EU.

Montagnaria is required by the agreement to purchase MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes for a minimum of US$1.25 million over a year, commencing in September 2022 and ending in August 2023. All purchase orders issued under the purchase agreement must be paid in full at the time of issue, with the remaining 50% due before Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) dispatches the order.

The purchase agreement was made for MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes to be delivered systematically and effectively throughout Europe and the EU. Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) is working closely with Montagnaria to ensure that the MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes product conforms with each member countrys specific local requirements, such as local language packaging and the inclusion of any appropriate warning labels.

With its initial test orders in 2021, Montagnaria has been successful in putting MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes into over 400 retail locations and smoke shops throughout Switzerland. Montagnaria was also instrumental in assisting Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF) in obtaining Belgian government approval to market MOUNTAIN(R) Smokes there, which opened the door to the entire EU.

To learn more about The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) (OTC:HMPSF), please visit this link.

SOURCE The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG)


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