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Apolitical Anti-Fragile Behavior Skills & Stronger Identity Education Updated

The organization has published its recently updated Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for students of all grade levels. The ‘My Best Me’ lesson plans provide tools to assess and nurture hope for both school-aged children and educators – by improving coping skills, encouraging positive relationships, and nurturing adaptive, resilient behaviors in students.

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Hope Rising now offers a unique approach to SEL that develops the psycho-social skills of students through age and grade-appropriate strategies. The program’s curriculum is designed to encourage goal-oriented hope – the belief that students have the adaptive power to withstand life’s difficulties and can shape their own futures, in a healthy partnership with their peers and community.

One of the principal aims of the ‘My Best Me’ curriculum is to help students become anti-fragile – a term coined to describe the ability to benefit from disorder and stress. This is a valuable life skill and critical for those children who have suffered adverse life experiences (ACE) – including neglect, abuse, and other forms of trauma. Toxic stress, which is the recurrent activation of the brain’s fight-or-flight and free stress response systems, is a factor in how ACE affects a person. Chronic stimulation of this response system can harm one’s health, happiness, and opportunities in the long run.

The pandemic changed not only how adults work, but also the ways in which children learn. Hope Rising has created successful home learning strategies for pupils. Since the student workbooks are only used once, they can be delivered to their residence and used for online classes. Teachers can better regulate and pace what pupils learn because they have access to the digital materials and can limit what the students can view for any given session.

The Parent Summary also allows for the involvement of parents and legal guardians in the subject matter taught each week. The Parent Summary, written in both English and Spanish, accompanies every lesson in each textbook. The lessons for the children are typically taught once per week, in approximately 45-60 minutes – depending on the age and attention span of the participating students. Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade have their own books at each level, while high school has two books (Alpha and Omega).

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