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Raw Green Malachite Crystal Necklace, Ring, Earring & Bracelet Collection Launch

The new malachite line includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, all of which feature the rich deep green variegated stone. In order to harness the stone’s most potent energetic power, Uniquelan Jewelry’s new collection uses raw, uncut malachite crystals rather than tumbled or heavily processed stones.

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The launch of their new malachite collection coincides with a recent holistic wellness report on the stone from Mind Body Green. Their new article revealed that malachite has a long history in ancient Egypt, Greece, and medieval Europe, and was typically used to make protection amulets.

Today, Mind Body Green argues, it remains one of the most powerful healing crystals. As they explain, as a root chakra crystal, it can offer spiritual protection, help to enhance creativity, nurture and ground the person using it, magnify their intentions, boost their intuition and draw in love and compassion.

As such, Uniquelan Jewelry believes malachite is the perfect stone to wear day in and day out for people who are looking to feel spiritually and energetically protected, inspired, and whole.

Highlights of their new malachite collection include their Raw Malachite and Quartz Ring. This one-of-a-kind piece features a 2.1 carat roughly shaped stone which heightens the natural beauty and diverse patterns and hues of the crystal. It is also accented by two framing clear quartz stones.

The ring could also be bought in conjunction with the store’s coordinating Raw Malachite Drop Earrings, which feature two 2.7 carat uncut stones in a simple, timeless claw setting set beneath a shimmering clear quartz stone.

All of Uniquelan Jewelry’s malachite rings and earrings, as well as their new necklaces and bracelets, are made from hypoallergenic 24k solid gold over sterling silver. Customers can choose between yellow, white, and rose gold for most items.

The jeweler also sources all their natural stones ethically from their mines in Zambia.

Uniquelan Jewelry is an online jewelry boutique based in North Carolina that ships across the United States. Their mission is to provide raw, unique pieces that tap into the purest energetic power of some of the world’s most renowned and beautiful crystals.

A spokesperson for the jeweler said, “Malachites are known as the stone of transformation. It is a root chakra crystal that absorbs pain, helping the wearer heal from emotional pain. As a protection stone, it also absorbs negative energy from the body. All of our malachite pieces are premium cut from the finest grade crystal.”

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