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Stoughton WI Senior Assisted Living Facility/Personal Care Aide Service Updated

Following the move, local families can rest assured knowing that the needs of their loved ones are taken care of. From medication management to personal care and nursing, Swifthaven helps older patients live the life they deserve.

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The updated senior assisted living services are fully customized to meet each patient’s needs, providing them with autonomy and independence in their own one or two-bedroom apartment. The company believes that just as no two individuals are the same, so too the care plans for them shouldn’t be.

The senior assisted living industry has remained stable despite global market fluctuations. In fact, experts suggest that the industry will experience a rise in popularity in the next few years, as Baby Boomers enter retirement age.

Still, further studies have shown that the Baby Boomer generation, or those born between 1946 and 1964, prefer doing things on their own. Characterized by a streak of independence, Baby Boomers are less likely to enter a senior assisted living facility on their own accord.

This becomes a challenge for younger families who do not have the time or the resources to take care of their elderly relatives.

In response to seniors’ increasing drive towards independence and living their lives according to their own values and preferences, Swifthaven Community offers its clients an elderly-friendly environment. Its assisted living apartments are specifically designed to accommodate and foster more individual and personalized care.

The company understands that Baby Boomers do not want to be considered “weak” and merely want to have assistance in remembering and taking their medicine and with other tasks such as grooming and personal care. That is why all its therapists have been trained to provide compassionate – yet hands-off – care. This means that the personal care workers will help patients as their need requires.

New clients are encouraged to call the number listed to schedule a visit to Swifthaven Community.

A grateful client wrote, “Everyone there are fantastic, fun, caring people. I wish I could have brought you all to Montana with me.”

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