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Charlotte, NC Residential Mowing & Lawn Care | Landscape Maintenance Updated

The locally-owned and operated lawn mowing company has been providing complete lawn care services to Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Matthews, Waxhaw, Marvin, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina for over a decade. They have been honored with the 2020 Best Lawn & Garden Services award by Porch.

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The updated offerings were initiated to provide customers with seasonal landscape maintenance services to keep their lawns in good condition all year round. The company offers affordable and customizable annual maintenance plans for both residential and commercial properties.

According to the experienced landscapers, just as homes need to be refurbished and maintained, so do lawns and landscapes. Regular upkeep is required to keep lawns in peak condition. Proper maintenance, however, goes beyond just watering plants and mowing lawns. The finer aspects of landscape maintenance entail pest control, soil aeration, irrigation, and climate considerations.

Performance Lawn & Landscape offers a wide range of maintenance options with weed control as one of the more popular services. In keeping weeds at bay, the company utilizes a weed prevention approach, which identifies the root causes of weed proliferation by addressing soil imbalances. Further, they offer fertilization and soil aeration services to keep lawns thick, healthy, and resistant to disease and weed invasions.

For tree and shrub maintenance, the business provides regular pruning, which keeps foliage looking attractive, encourages new growth, and prevents diseased branches from affecting the whole plant. It also recommends mulching to conserve soil moisture, prevent erosion, suppress weed growth, and serve as an effective insulator against temperature changes.

Customers can also benefit from irrigation, leaf blowing, and yard cleanup services. Moreover, the company provides landscape and hardscape design for home and commercial properties.

One satisfied client said, “Frank and team from Performance Lawn & Landscape have been caring for our lawn for about 6 months now and they’ve done a great job with keeping things clean and trim. Frank is always very responsive and helpful when addressing questions and requests. We’re definitely happy with the services they have been providing.”

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Performnce Lawn & Landscape
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