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Calmar AB Couples Massage Hot Stone Therapy | Wellness Treatment Service Launch

The announcement highlights the company’s commitment to offering relaxing massage therapies to residents of the area.

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For example, with the updated services, guests can choose to have a hot stone massage for themselves and their partner. As its name suggests, the massage uses heated stones placed in strategic parts of the back. The heat is believed to relax the muscles and help release tension in the body.

A hot stone massage is also highly recommended for chronic back pain. Unlike traditional massages, the heat from the therapy is known to reduce the pain from a sore back. In fact, some physical therapists suggest the therapy as a post-event treatment for athletes.

Regardless of which type of treatment one chooses, the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy have been studied for years. Experts have noted that consistent and regular sessions can improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. When certain pressure points in the body are triggered, they release various hormones that relax the muscles, which consequently promote overall wellness.

There are many different massage types, depending on what a customer is looking for. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage for tense muscles or a Swedish massage for general relaxation, guests should choose the massage therapy that is best suited for their needs.

Evolution Massage believes that the right massage should be done for the right condition, all the time. That is why its team of trained massage therapists asks guests what they are looking for before recommending a specific treatment.

New clients are requested to book their appointments at least a day before their intended date, to conform to the current social distancing recommendations.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We are specialized in massage therapy. Our practitioners are trained to administer specialized techniques which are deep tissue, pregnancy, sports, couples, and much more massage services.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Evolution Massage Care Clinic

8882 170 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2

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