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Ergonomic Winged Support Pillow For Back Pain Relief | Custom Design Updated

The latest release includes an expanded selection of colors and fabrics across both the Original line, the two-tone Aspen line, and the Fab Faux Fur line.

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Husband Pillow’s smart, ergonomic pillow has been developed to help customers who struggle with a variety of aches and pains to find relief through proper support. With the recent range expansion, customers can now also select from more colors and sizes.

Data shows that around 8% of the total population of the USA reports back or spine pain on a regular basis – which equates to around 16 million people. For many, this back pain can be managed and treated by simply improving posture and learning to sit, stand, and walk correctly, particularly while working at a desk or in an office. But this also means having proper support even when relaxing at home.

The Husband Pillow has been designed with this in mind – suitable for use in any type of setting. Whether seated on a couch, chair, on the floor, or in bed, the body-hugging shape can help support the neck and spine and relieve pain. Optimized to be ergonomic and comfortable, the pillow is filled with innovative shredded memory foam, which can shift and adapt to the body shape of the user whilst allowing proper airflow to keep body temperature regulated and prevent overheating. This, in turn, can prompt better blood circulation, which is also an important factor in relieving neck and back pain.

Husband Pillow is available in two size options: medium, for regular use, and XXL for a little extra comfort and room to relax in the pillow’s ‘winged’ arms. The Original line offers customers a choice of 16 colors, ranging from neutral greys and black to bold reds and pinks. Alternatively, customers are now also able to create customized designs, adapting the type and amount of filling they prefer, as well as selecting their cover from the Original, the Aspen, or the Fab Faux Fur Line to suit their preferences.

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