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THINKWARE launches Q1000 with SOS alert feature for safer driving this summer


The Q1000 dash cam boasts an ultra-clear 2K 1440P QHD 30 FPS or FHD 60 FPS recording to capture more detailed dash cam footage even while parked

London, United Kingdom May 30, 2022 ( – Today the world-leading dash cam manufacturer, THINKWARE announces the launch of its latest Q1000 dash cam to the UK market.

THINKWARE’s award winning dash cams help make roads safer by making drivers more aware, deterring road rage incidents, and providing vital evidence for insurance claims. Nobody can predict what will happen on the road but a THINKWARE dash cam can give drivers added peace of mind.

2CH QHD-QHD, The Q1000 dash cam boasts an ultra-clear 2K 1440P QHD 30fps or FHD 60fps recording to capture more detailed dashcam footage in all road conditions including number plate detail capture.

It is equipped with a continuous recording mode, which records videos in one-minute segments at 30fps using real-time image signal processing. The super night vision feature ensures all videos benefit from improved brightness for night-time recording.

If an incident does occur while driving, the dashcam will record the accident, which stores the recording as a separate file for safekeeping.

If connected to the THINKWARE Connected service, the Q1000 is also equipped with an impact notification system, which will notify a pre-programmed mobile via SMS with footage if a large impact is detected by the camera G-sensor. A video (10 seconds before and after the incident) will be uploaded directly to the THINKWARE Connected server with an alert sent to the user via the THINKWARE CONNECTED app.

Additional key features include:

  • Super Night Vision 3.0 with HDR – record videos that are much brighter than videos recorded without this feature.
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity let you upload saved footage to your mobile phone using the Thinkware Link app, so you can easily view, edit and share videos.
  • UK safety camera alerts using a database provided by our partner Cyclops with free lifetime updates
  • Geo-fencing – get alerted when your vehicle travels out of a set area with the optional Connected Service
  • Road safety warning system – alerts the driver to forward collisions, forward vehicle departures, and lane departures
  • Remote live view – access the dashcam remotely through the optional Connected service to view a live video feed

With more of us holidaying in the UK and spending more time with families in the car this summer, a dashcam is a fantastic way to have peace of mind while on special road trip adventures.

Users can even monitor their vehicle in real-time via the THINKWARE CONNECTED app when it is parked using the smart parking recording features. The parking modes allow the dashcam to act as a CCTV to monitor your vehicle and its surroundings while you are away:

  • Parking Surveillance Mode with hardwiring installation enables parking protection against potential mishaps and hit-and-run incidents
    • Motion Detection: Monitor and capture any motion around the vehicle for potential vandalism attempts.
    • Impact Detection: Monitor any impact to the vehicle while it is parked to catch any hit-and-run driver in the act while you are away.
    • Time-Lapse Photography: By reducing the recording frame rate from 30fps to 2fps, Time Lapse Parking Surveillance mode enables the dashcam to record continuously while parked, and make the most of the SD card capacity.
    • Energy Saving Mode 2.0: By only providing minimal power to essential components while in Parking Surveillance mode, THINKWARE’s proprietary Energy Saving 2.0 technology sets the bar high among its competitors by enabling the Q1000 to remain on standby for up to 576 hours*, or 24 days, while the vehicle’s ignition is off (Based on THINKWARE’s BAB-50 4,500mAH External Battery).
    • Radar accessory (Optional Radar required): Pair the Radar Module with the Q1000 to extend its parking surveillance duration while reducing power consumption when set to Energy Saving Mode 2.0*. The Radar will detect motion and allow the dashcam to prepare to save an event clip. If an impact is detected, a 20-second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is stored in a dedicated folder

Tim Sagar, THINKWARE’s Business Development Manager, said: “The dashcam market has been growing exponentially due in part to an increased awareness of the effectiveness of dash cams. As a market leader in this space, THINKWARE is continuing to push the boundaries of innovation with newer and smarter dashcam products. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Q1000 dash cam”

The Q1000 is available on Amazon, and independent specialists (re-sellers)- RRP 1CH 259 (With 32GB SD card), 2CH 349 (With 32GB SD card)



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Global IT Corporation THINKWARE was founded in Korea in 1997.

Through consistent research and development in the field of smart car technologies, THINKWARE has established itself as the market leader in various sectors such as dash cams, electronic maps, navigation, and mobile applications.

Spearheading the competition with world-class image processing technologies and dashcam intuitive, user-friendly interface, THINKWARE debuted in the US market in 2014. THINKWARE has confirmed it will be exporting its dashcam lines into 17 other countries including the US, Canada, UK, and Japan.

THINKWARE has continued to astound the industry with its world-class dashcam lines during its presence at global exhibitions like CES, SEMA, and The Gadget Show Live. ForCES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, THINKWARE received the Innovation Award of the Year for excellence in technology and design. The company has also received the IF Design Award and IDEA Award, as well as the Red Dot Design Award.

For more information, visit the THINKWARE website at

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