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SPRSUN Promotes Its R32 Heat Pumps with Lower GWP

Guangzhou, CN – SPRSUN, a leading heat pump manufacturer with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide, has announced its R32 heat pumps with lower GWP. Its new line of products is designed to offer a high-performance coefficient, making them more efficient than the DC inverter heat pumps that rely on other refrigerants.

The company’s spokesperson, announcing the R32 heat pumps, noted that “users can expect more efficiency when they leave it continuously running in the background.” He added that “the heat pump stays running continuously, reducing the heating demand at peak periods and keeping temperature fluctuations to a minimum.”

SPRSUN offers three types of R32 heat pumps for consumers to choose from: CAREL Controller R32 Inverter Heat Pumps, Self-developed Controller R32 Inverter Heat Pumps, and R32 Inverter Pool Heat Pumps.

The 8.5KW 10.5KW R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater for Pool is designed to deliver high outputs while keeping energy saving at an all-time high. With a COP as high as 16.39, the DC inverter pool heat pump can change the operating frequency of the rotary compressors and fan motors based on heating needs, thus reducing heating time and providing more heat compared to the traditional heat pumps. Users can expect a low noise clocked at 40 dB(A), Wi-Fi App and touchscreen controller for easy operation and intelligent handling, a titanium tube-in-shell heat exchanger with superior chemical resistance to avoid corrosion, and a concise heat pump design to ensure upgraded installation and performance efficiency.

The 22KW R32 EVI DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps with Touch Screen also features a concise new look. Being one of the options in the self-developed series offered by the company, users can expect improved quality of life with hot water, heating, and cooling. The R32 heat pump comes with a 5-inch colorful and intelligent touch screen for easy operation, a -30 degree EVI low-temperature operation making it perfect for chilly climate areas, and a one-click remote software upgrade that keeps users updated with the latest functions and features with no hassles. Choosing the R32 heat pumps presents an environmentally friendlier solution to meeting heating and cooling needs compared to traditional refrigerants.

The R32 ERP A+++ 20KW EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps for Hot Water Heating Cooling, the third in the series of R32 heat pumps, also comes with its broad features and specifications, including increased efficiency, lower GWP, smarter technology, super low noise operation, and guaranteed safety.

Interested customers can visit the company’s website to browse the SPRSUN full inverter heat pumps options. Their presence in over 60 countries worldwide brings the R32 inverter heat pumps closer to customers worldwide.

For more information, reach out to SPRSUN via email at or visit their website to browse their heat pump inventory.

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