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The UK is soon to introduce a new visa program to attract talented graduates

The company, founded in 1999, now offers consulting services to people eligible for the brand-new HPI – High Potential Individuals – visa set to launch in the UK on May 30, 2022.

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Y-Axis Middle East, which has counseled over ten million individuals since its inception and has its own IELTS testing center on-site, will now provide expert support and assistance to aspiring HPI candidates. The HPI program includes a short-term visa for students to begin their early careers after completing their courses in top universities. It is specifically designed to entice top global graduates for the express benefit of bolstering the UK workforce.

There are approximately 10 million foreign-born people living in the UK or 15% of the country’s population – nearly double the figure of 20 years ago. However, due to high levels of illegal immigration and people violating the terms of their visas, the country has generally made it more complicated for individuals to secure work permits in the UK. On the other hand, government economists have often cited the boon legal immigrants can represent for the economy. Accordingly, specific programs have been developed to lure both promising students and skilled workers to the UK.

The Y-Axis Middle East team of counselors and immigration specialists works exclusively and personally with each client to help them better understand the prerequisites and facilitate the timely submission of necessary administrative paperwork. Many programs are available for different countries, depending on the applicant’s background and personal/family situation.

For example, in the case of the HPI visa, the opportunity for exceptional individuals is straightforward. Individuals can qualify without a work offer or a sponsor. Rather, they’ll be eligible if they graduated from a non-UK university on UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) recent global universities list and fulfill the English language and financial/maintenance conditions – matters on which Y-Axis Middle East can assist.

This visa allows people to work for two years on a temporary basis – or three years for those with a Ph.D. For younger candidates looking to first matriculate from an accredited/applicable university in the UK, Australia, or any other country. Y-Axis Middle East offers assistance to ambitious students who need to secure temporary student visas to get themselves on the path to residency.

One client commented: “It is pleasure dealing with Y-Axis, one of the best consulting and immigration firms. Their services are amazing with continuous support, follow-up, and effective guidance. Thanks to their outstanding performance and assistance as a great process consultant.”

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