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Food Traceability Ocean To Plate Supply Chain/Origin Tracking Platform Updated

Over the last decade, consumers have become increasingly concerned about the origin of their meals, and the process it has gone through before reaching them. The updated food tracing program from iFoodIQ allows food to be tracked from its point of origin, all the way to the table, whether it has been harvested from the ocean or a farmer’s field.

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The desire to know where food comes from, how fresh it is, and where it has been before it hits the table is nothing new. What is new is the ability to accurately and reliably track these details, and make them available in seconds, without adding layers of difficult procedures to those processing the food along the way.

While consumers can learn where their meal was caught, packaged, and stored using the food traceability system, that is only a small part of what they’re shown. iFoodIQ has become known for providing more than just the bare facts of where food has originated and attracting consumer interest by adding details about the people involved.

The process begins by tracking the location where the fish are caught, crops are grown, or livestock is housed. Details that may interest consumers can be included, such as the location, date, and method of harvesting. Farm products will often include the name of the farm, while seafood will include the name of the ship where the product was caught.

What makes iFoodIQ particularly attractive to consumers is the inclusion of brief biographies, which add a human interest angle. Ship captains may include a short bio that talks about how or why they became a captain, and how long they’ve owned the vessel. Farmers will often have information about how long their family has worked on that land or interesting facts about their food production.

Since all of this information will vary with every product, it gives consumers a deeper insight into where their food is coming from, and an incentive to purchase trackable food again in the future. While the primary goal is to provide details about freshness, origin, and processing, that is only the beginning.

To learn about the origins of their food, consumers only have to scan a QR code conveniently on the packaging, and the information will pop up on their smartphones.

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