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3 Things Your Didn’t Know About Mineral Pencil Eyeliners By Omiana

Omiana has today made public 3 as yet unreleased facts about its ‘Mineral Pencil Eyeliners’ – titanium dioxide-free, non-toxic eyeliner pencils designed for the most sensitive skin and eyes – now available on its website, which fans and consumers of clean beauty should find particularly interesting.

The 3 items include helpful nuggets for makeup user with sensitive skin such as:

The idea for creating Mineral Pencil Eyeliners came about after market research clearly showed that people were looking for a natural and organic eyeliner for their sensitive skin and eyes.

Omiana’s Mineral Pencil Eyeliners were created as a clean beauty solution for both those who experience skin irritation after using conventional cosmetics as well as for those who wish to take care of their bodies and health in all aspects. Since their introduction, Omiana Mineral Pencil Eyeliners have become one of the brands most popular items. This goes to show that many people are looking for non-toxic, clean beauty products.

Omiana did something different compared to other businesses in the clean beauty space by offering a natural and organic mineral eyeliner pencil specifically for sensitive skin that incorporates soothing oils and waxes to deliver a gentle, natural and organic mineral eyeliner pencil that glides smoothly and blends seamlessly.

Omiana was founded in 2014 to serve the growing need for high-performance makeup without the harmful additives usually found in cosmetic products. As a person with an oily complexion, acne, and skin sensitivities, Omiana’s Managing Director, Miche Klammer, knows the importance of finding products that don’t irritate the skin.

Klammer is quoted as saying, “We like to do things to build connections with our customers and consumers. Things like publishing a regular weekly newsletter, providing tips and information on our social channels, making courtesy calls to get product feedback, and releasing these little factsoids even after the Mineral Pencil Eyeliner is available for sale make all the difference.”

In 2016, Omiana’s Mineral Pencil Eyeliners were first introduced. They continue to grow in popularity with those who are searching for natural and organic makeup their sensitive skin can tolerate after practically giving up on makeup. You can learn more by visiting

More facts and information about Omiana can be found at


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