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Web3 Opportunities Podcast: Digital Securities ATS with Pat LaVecchia

Web3 Opportunities Podcast has published a new episode titled Digital Securities ATS with Pat LaVecchia.

In this episode, Kelvin Wong, Host of Web3 Opportunities Podcast, talks with Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro Markets, about a number of topics including:

  • LaVecchia’s journey from Wall Street to crypto
  • Digital securities and Alternative Trading System (ATS)
  • Key benefits of digital securities for investors and issuers
  • Bridging traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) with digital securities ATS
  • Corporate versus sovereign motivations on issuing digital securities
  • Current regulatory environment for digital securities, and much more

“Web3 Opportunities Podcast is for people who want to learn about web3, blockchain, crypto and related topics. People who may not necessarily come from a technical background,” said Wong. “In each episode, I chat with some of the brightest minds in blockchain and crypto space. We cut through technical complexity, focus on applications and unpack practical nuggets that listeners may potentially use to discover investment and career opportunities arising out of this exciting evolution.”

Wong added, “In this episode, Pat talks about digital securities and ATS, key benefits of digital securities for investors and issuers, bridging TradFi and DeFi with digital securities ATS, and much more.”

“Kelvin has a knack for distilling complex topics into easy to understand components. He asked insightful questions about the emerging technologies in the digital asset ecosystem and I look forward to appearing on his podcast again,” said LaVecchia.

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About Web3 Opportunities Podcast:

This podcast is for people who want to learn how web3 disrupts industries and discover investment and career opportunities in the crypto economy, without being bogged down by technical complexity.

Hosted by Kelvin Wong, Creator of JPMorgan’s Strategic Solutions Group. Kelvin chats with some of the most innovative founders, investors and thought leaders in web3, blockchain, crypto, metaverse, DeFi, NFT and DAO space. Listeners may come away with exciting ideas about potential opportunities emerging in the Digital Asset Ecosystem.

Web3 and blockchain evolution is expected to disrupt all industries, like the previous versions of the internet did, except in a more significant way and at a faster pace. Get ready for one of the largest technological transformations in history. Wong invites you to join him on this exciting journey of learning and discovery.

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About Oasis Pro Markets:

Oasis Pro Markets is bridging the world of traditional finance, blockchain and DeFi. OATSPRO positions the Company at the forefront of digital securities innovation by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology to create real-time settlement, while eliminating counterparty risk. Their proprietary technology provides a sleek, user friendly experience for issuers and investors. OATSPRO offers efficient KYC/AML onboarding of digital securities for issuers, streamlined onboarding for investors, and provides liquidity for private and public OTC market digital securities. The Company is also uniquely positioned among competitors, as they have secured the appropriate regulatory licenses which many crypto exchanges are seeking.

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